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Winter Quarterly Reading/Writing Goals

Hey Guys,

It’s that time again. When I post all of my quarterly goals on this again. For those who are new to this type of post basically I post goals every quarter for all things bookish and look back at them and see if I did them or not. The reason I post the goals on this blog is to motivate me into doing them. And so I don’t look like a fool saying something but not doing it.

Anyway. Let’s look at all of my past goals last time and see if I achieved this.


  1. Write and finish a First Draft!

I did this! For those who don’t know I participated in NaNoWriMo and won! 50K Hurray!

Image result for achieved gif

2.Start edits for Ever the Stars.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do this. I found myself way busier than I first expected and just didn’t roll around to get this done.Hopefully I’ll be able to get this done next time.

Image result for I have failed you gif


3. Get to 300 followers on Instagram

Does 230 count? Didn’t accomplish this either. *Cries into pillow for eternity*

4. Read 6 books!

As you all know I haven’t been reading up to par recently. But I managed to crank out 6 books read so MISSION ACHIEVED!!

5. Find a Critique Partner

Don’t even ask. I didn’t do amazing 2/5 is pretty bad. But considering one of those goals are to write a novel. I’ll give myself a 3/5.

So those were the old, here’s the new one’s.

1. Finish the second draft for Ever the Stars!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get this done. 2nd drafts are the bane of my existence, but I can do this!

2. Post something every week.

Another goal I’ve been trying to accomplish is to continually post good, engaging content. Which Is why I’m going to work REALLY hard to bring you the best content possible.

3. Read 10 books.

Most of you know I’ve been slacking in the book department recently. IT ALL CHANGES NOW! I CAN DO THIS! I’ve already read one and are starting the second. SO glad my reading slump is finally over. (No thank’s to Harry Potter at all.)

4. Figure out Scrivener

This Christmas I got Scrivener. For those who don’t know what that is it’s a writing tool that will help you write your story and keep everything really neat and tidy. (Something I lack) I’ve got it on my thumb drive and have been procrastinating uploading it to my computer. Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon though, I’ve been getting a ton of new shiny book Ideas I’d be interested in writing about.

That’s it! Do you guys do goals? If so, what are some of your goals!

Thanks for reading! My name’s Jared and I will have another post up soon!




A WIP Excerpt from my novel Raven

Hey Guys,

It’s time! The long awaited Excerpt. to give you a little background basically this was from my Nanowrimo novel this year. I’ve had ton of asks on my instagram to share this and today I’ve finally caved in. THIS IS NOT FINAL! Nothing is final! It’s just something I wrote earlier to figure out my Main character Raven.  Also please be mindful about the grammar, (I do know how to spell) ;)It’s five pages, short and sweet, and centers around a killing. Hope you like it! Let  me know if you do! Thanks! 🙂



Scream: A short Story

Raven runs forward gripping the handle of her sword at her side. She grunts jumping across the rooftops of the buildings that line the street.  All is silent save for the wispy winds that carry the light snow across the town. Using her black cloak to blend in with the dark Raven moves forward laying across the cold, metal, roof exhaling quietly, she gives a faint smile watching as the steam from her breath slowly floats into the air. But eyes quickly divert to the street, The once busy street of the old town had an eerie silence surrounding it. Ever since the disappearances had happened at the start of winter, Well let’s just say Raven couldn’t blame the people for not wanting to come out and play in the snow.

She pulls herself up to the edge of the roof catching a brief glimpse of her target and rolls her eyes. The chubby, drunkard, of a man was still wandering aimlessly around the quiet, snow covered, streets of Aconnite. Her hands itched for her to grab at her sword and just finish him. It would have been better for both of them. Unfortunately Raven didn’t decide to go with the latter.

“Where are you going, old man?” Raven says whispering to herself.  The old man walks quickly observing at the roofs to make sure no one is watching him and continues to walk to the end of the street and up the hill to the old town’s graveyard. She shuddered shaking her head, she’d always hated graveyards, even now, as a 19-year old she’d hated them.  She sighed waiting until the drunkard was out of earshot and pulled herself up to the top of the roof  and slid down to the other end kicking against the roof and landing smoothly on the snow covered ground. The sound of her boots hitting the snow filled the echoey streets. Her heart beat faster as the old man advanced up the hill. She shook her head feeling the desire to kill. Not yet she thought. Her thoughts made the whole grimness of the situation a little more bearable. If that sounded sane in any way.

“Focus Raven.” she said aloud.

Rolling her eyes, she watched as the old man turned, casting a glance in the general direction to make sure he wasn’t being followed. As quick as lightning she ducked behind one of the barrel’s barely missing his line of sight and concealing herself. After waiting for a minute she peered her head from the side watching as the old man shrugged continuing to make his way up the hill in the distance.

“Don’t do it.” Raven whispered to herself. Her stomach rumbled with hunger, as she pushed against it trying to make the uncomfortable feeling go away.

“Five more minutes.” Raven whispered to herself. “Five more minutes,  and then I’ll kill the old man, then we can get the money and use it for some food in the morning.”

She shuddered, feeling a draft of wind sending the hood of her green cloak flying backwards revealing her black as ink, curly, hair. Raven shook her head not bothering to pull the hood up and stood staring at a running sprint and kicking up the snow as she ran. Her eyes averted up as she caught glimpse of the man atop the hill.

Raven gripped at the end of her sword pulling it from its scabbard on her waist. Finally The long, obsidian sword basked in the light of the moon as she pulled it out.

The sword, unlike any other was long beyond it’s time, stained with the spots of dried blood and the pommel in the shape of an eagle.

She pulled his hood up and started back up into a sprint. She scrunched her face as she ran, The cold night wind beats furiously against her face.

When I finish this I think I’ll start a fire she thought. As fast as possible, Raven sprinted up the hill, gripping her sword, and looked down below.

Her eyes widened as she could make out another figure with the old man in the distance. In the valley below the ground was covered in a soft white blanket of snow, except for the tops of the stone tombstones poking out from it.

She frowned slowly watching the old man walked slowly to the other.

“Where have I seen-” her whispers were cut short as she watched the other man pull the hood of his cloak off. The bright red beard, the red clasp. Her eyes widened, there was no mistaking the High Advisor of the King.

Slowly Raven crept forward quieting herself to hear their conversation.

“Have you found him yet?”The High Advisor asked, “I can’t have word reaching the capital that we have a murderer in Volcon.”

Raven watched as the old man bit his lip.

“Er- no. the last killing happened yesterday. The locals said they found him at his desk, with a knife in his chest.”

“How has nobody noticed? Where were this man’s relatives? His wife?”

 “All they said was his wife went over to a neighbors and when she came back-”

“How many is that now?” the High Advisor asked abruptly not bothering to hear the rest of the story.

Raven watched as the old man’s eyes averted to the ground.


The High advisor scoffed, “ I believe the last time we met last week you stated 14.”

The old man looked up with pleading eyes, “There were, Honestly. The disappearances have almost tripled since the time you left.”

Raven’s eyes widened, how could this be possible? 46? Right from under her nose?”

“And do you believe this to be the work of Kai?” the High Advisor stated raising an eyebrow.

The old man quickly shook his head, “I-,” his eyes fell to the ground, “I do, but some of the other locals are getting ideas. I keep telling em Kai likes to make a big showing of his killings, and that this was too quiet. But they won’t buy it..”

“How long do we have until suspicions creep in?” The High Advisor asks rolling his eyes.

Raven quietly lays on the snow draping her head over the curve of the hill to better conceal herself. The wind howls in the distance,

“I believe we have er-”


She casts her head back, her eyes widen as she glared. The cool grey eyes, vibrant yellow hair. Kai.

She stands quickly forgetting secrecy and pulls her sword out from her scabbard.

“Stay away from me!” Raven yells sternly pointing her sword straight at the Kai.

He stops staring at her from below, giving her a toothy grin.

“You really think I’m coming for you?” he says in a smooth manner..

“This is my lead. They are my territory. Stay away or I will be forced to kill.”

Kai smiles continuing to advance up the hill,  “I have a right. They are talking about me. They are mine.”

Raven shakes her head gripping at the handle of her sword.

“This ends now.”

Raven raises her sword  running forward and swings to the side in an arch, Kai quickly reacts raising his sword swinging angrily and blocking the blow. The sound of metal upon metal fills the air making Raven’s ears ring as she plunges backwards from the impact hitting the snow, and watching as her sword flies from her hand and down into the snow somewhere below.  She looks up staring at Kai’s face wincing as he raises his sword above his head. This was it, death had came for her. She’d always known it would come for her, she just didn’t realize it would come this soon. She looks up making eye contact with Kai starting to quake in fear..  Shaking; swinging; the light of the moon gleaming between Kai’s sword as he swings.

Through the cold, wispy winds, a scream could be heard.

NaNoWriMo Week 1

Hey guys,

Sorry about the wait, I was writing a novel. (nothing big at all) 🙂 Anyway I mustered up the strength to type out this post to let you know all about how week one of NaNoWriMo has been going for me!

To start off I’d say the short answer is that I’m doing very well. I’ve Written the exact amount of words EVERY SINGLE DAY, and at one point was even ahead by 3K. But, that head start caught up with me bringing back the plauge of author laziness and I became the average mundane writer that I am barely writing the exact number of words in the week. So in case you guys skipped that part let me re-iderate that I have hit the word count every day and are feeling pretty good about this whole writing thing! As of now, 2016, my story is at 14K! The word count goal for today is 15K so that means that after finishing this post, you can bet that you’ll find me writing.

This week I’ve learned so much about me as a writer that I can’t wait to show in some of my writing snippets that I’ll release sometime later this month. One of the highlights of the week was probrably when I had a scare in which my laptop turned off making me freak out in the middle of writing,  if it hadn’t been for google drive I would have lost 2K which would have probably caused me to stop writing this thing, cause who wants to redo something you just did? If you are doing NaNowrimo comment below your  so I can congratulate you! If you want to see all of my progress periodically you can be my buddy by going to the link at the end of this post.

Anyways I am on track for success and are SO excited to see the outcome of this novel! I’ll be posting weekly update posts so stay tuned to see that in the future, until then thanks for reading, and I will see you in another blog post coming to you next week!

See Ya!



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*Ever the Stars- starting second draft. Finished at 45K

*The Hunt- 15K

*Elsewhere- Starting second draft and re-plotting

Tips for NaNoWriMo

Hey guys,

So today I want to talk about the craziness that NaNoWriMo creates. Recently I’ve found myself constantly day dreaming about my idea for my National Novel Writing Month story and the crazy adventure that is about to occur in 7 days. But then, while dreaming I had a thought. I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo for two years now and this will be my third attempt, And as I’ve been writing I’ve figured out what to do, and (unfortunately) learned what not to do. I thought I’d share some with you.

Write Write Write

Nanowrimo is a time to get words paper or screen or whatever you do to write. It is NOT a time to sit around starting to outline. It is not the time to be browsing Instagram daily. It is not the time to sit around editing the work you’ve written the day before (That’s after you write the novel) Trust me I’ve tried every trick in the book and nothing has worked so if you want to get something done the sad and unfortunate way is that THERE IS NOT SHORTCUT!  Instead of complaining just write it!


One way that I get words on the page is to set up a writing playlist. Personally I use Spotify (Which I love!) and browse through all of the Movie scores. (Background music with no words to it) The reason I do this is because it get’s me in the writing zone faster as well as help’s me set the mood and tone for the scene I will be writing that day. If you’re looking for some suggestions I personally love to listen to the X-Men music as well as Star Wars, Star Trek, and countless other music. If you haven’t tried already I would highly recommend you try to write to music with no words the next time you write.


In order to accomplish anything you need to be able to have someone that is excited for you and will always be their to cheer you on. Thankfully, I have a ton of support from Aunts and Uncles all the way to my Brothers and my parents. Now I know some of you readers out there will be like “Well Jared, I don’t have parent’s who support me or my family isn’t crazy supportive. Never fear, If you feel you have no support YOU ARE WRONG! I support all that you do and write and I know that you can do this!


All writers outline whether they realize it or not. An outline can be an idea or can be a crazy 7 paged outline full of wants in a scene as well as sub-plot and other miscellaneous notes.(Me) I highly recommend outlining because it makes me not veer off track or loose my motivation.

Okay, that was a few of my tips and tricks! For more content like this go to dabook.club for more! Also, Make sure to hit the subscribe button if you like this and want to see more NaNo Posts. Plus I’ve been thinking about doing daily updates through instagram, If you like the idea and want to see it happen comment below to let me know!

Thanks everyone!



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Writing Goals March-April

Hey Guys!

Today I’m gonna set some goals for my reading, writing, and well everything in the book industry!

Well Let’s just get right into it!

  • -Well I was kinda thinking, WAIT NEVER MIND THIS CAN WAIT. SAY HELLO TO SOMEONE WHO’S DOING APRIL NANOWRIMO! I finally convinced some friends and were about to embark on this wonderful journey!
  • -Also with writing 50K for Nanowrimo, this is kinda gonna be the only goal I’ll set for myself besides reading one ARC copy being sent in the mail.
  • For March well I want to review Elsewhere part Uno! (Like that? Little culture in the’s post’s now!) Well basically what happened is I finished Part Two of a whole other POV. And I’ve totally forgotten a bunch of details and other junk. So that’s what I’m going to read the rest of March to refresh.

– Also I want a solid outline for Nano, Sorry Jared, no crazy mess the night before, It didn’t really work out. I’ve already started on an outline, It’s pretty big, like I have a list of events I want to happen but now I gotta piece them together.

  • Let’s think…  I’d like to read at least one more book before Nanowrimo. I am in the huge slump and trying to fight the slump and read as much of The Alloy of Law, but hey hopefully this will break the slump!
  • Request a book, IDK I need another book in my life!

Well that’s basically it, short and sweet! And a ton of writing to do! Anyway’s thank’s for listening to me ramble on about my goals!



A possible prologue for Elsewhere?

Hey guys,

So I’ve been writing, and  I decided I want to follow the NaNoWriMo format for my story. Write 50K in one month, let’s do this thing.  Then I looked on my website and saw one of my goals was to release a sneak peek for Elsewhere. So let’s do this thing too, I guess. Keep in mind that this is just a first draft and nothing is final or perfect, so if you have any constructive criticism please leave a comment below and I would love to see your input.

Well without further ado, here we are the first prologue for Elsewhere is sort of here!


Galorin walked pulled out his sword from his leather sheath. This was it, this was the battle he’d been preparing for the past couple years. He was done with having a dictator from the Coastillan line. Galorin stared at his apprentice, his son, and his friend. Or at least was all of those things one time or another.
He wiped his long, gray hair,and held his sword, ready to fight.
“Father how many times have I asked you to put up with this foolish nonsense and come and join the crown.” King Coastillan sighed slowly walking across the room.
Galorin glared at him and huffed. “You know very well why I have never accepted that offer. You have become a dictator, the crown has poisoned you as had me. Now it is time for you to step down and help me create an independent nation or you will be removed.”
King Coastillan nodded. “Removed, “ he said blowing his long black hair to the side, “You mean more like killed!”
“If it need be.” Galorin replied.
“Then I guess that you’ll just have to get on with that, after I have you dead I’ll bury you next to my puny brother who forced me to step in his place.”
Galorin cringed. “You take that back now!”
“Never!” King Coastillan yelled as he gnashed his teeth. He drawled out his sword and lunged.
Galorin held his sword blocking the first blow.
He pulled back, raising his sword above his head and striking down, determined to destroy the dictator of Aconite. The dictator he was before he stepped down from the throne, and the dictator Aconite didn’t deserve. Galorin new he was old, he knew he wouldn’t win, and he knew he couldn’t make the King change. But he could try.
King Coastillan blocked the weak attempt of a swing and laughed.
“It’s really quite funny watching you play with your sword, you act as if you’ve never seen one.” King Coastillan turned his sword in a circle knocking Galorin’s sword out of his hand. The king rested his sword at the point of Galorin’s neck.
“Join me?” King Coastillan asked.
Galorin closed his eyes and sighed. “Never.”
King Coastillan scoffed. “I was afraid it would come to this but never the a lass everyone has their day to die, your’s is just sooner that you thought.”
King Coastillan stabbed Galorin, with his knife, and pulled out.
Galorin’s eyes became droopy. I must pick and heir! he thought. He closed his eyes imagining a girl, her hair as sleek and as red as a fox’s pelt. He smiled, she was the heir.
Gallorin’s white tunic started to turn red.
He fell to the ground as Kind Coastillan turned, leaving his Father to die in his throne room.
Galorin’s eyes widened.
He was as ready for death as was death ready for him.
Everything would turn out fine in the end.
Galorin closed his eyes and sighed.
Finally he had a break from all the fighting.


That was it! Did you like it? Do you want more? Comment below and tell me how I did!

Thanks for reading, my names Jared and I will have another post up soon so bye!




NaNoWriMo 2015 UPDATE!

Hey Guys! It is now the end Nanowrimo, in short (National Novel Writing Month), and I’d like to thank you with your patience this month. My Story, finally titled Elsewhere is now at 25K words! and I did not manage to complete Nano, but hey, I got a 25K story written in a month! How crazy is that! I would like to finally giveaway the cover for my Novel that I had done as a sort of gift for myself for doing this! So Here it is!

Elsewhere By: Jared Brown!


In the near future after a boat load of revision, and after I get this beast done with! I will start sharing chapters of my novel to you guys!

But for now I guess you guys will have to do with a little snippet.

This Scene is when one of my main character’s (Eva.) Is battling an Alect (One of the King’s guard’s) and fighting her way out of a city to get to Elsewhere


A Little Snippet..

When I see the Alect, I run.
Pulling two of my knives I toss one in each of my hands, ready to throw.
I run forward to one of the Alect, a girl about my same height and perhaps even my same age. I don’t care that she’s my age nor my same height, all I think is that she works for them and deserves to be stopped.
I throw one of the knives in my belt, aiming for her stomach, as she pulls out her sword and hits it like her sword was a baseball bat. I pull another knife from my belt, and run forward, ducking as The Alect Girl swings with her sword, barely missing my head. I started to panic, would I make it? Would I win this fight? Would we make it to Elsewhere?
I have to make it away.
I lunge grabbing the Alect girl’s sword by the hilt and pull it out of her hands.
I toss it to the ground and attack, holding my knife stabbing her into her stomach.


Thanks for reading a little snippet of my work. Subscribe for more writing, reading, and reviewing.

And hey, leave a comment down below on what your reading or writing at the moment.

Thank’s for reading this post, I’m Jared and I’ll see you next time.