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Writing Goals March-April

Hey Guys!

Today I’m gonna set some goals for my reading, writing, and well everything in the book industry!

Well Let’s just get right into it!

  • -Well I was kinda thinking, WAIT NEVER MIND THIS CAN WAIT. SAY HELLO TO SOMEONE WHO’S DOING APRIL NANOWRIMO! I finally convinced some friends and were about to embark on this wonderful journey!
  • -Also with writing 50K for Nanowrimo, this is kinda gonna be the only goal I’ll set for myself besides reading one ARC copy being sent in the mail.
  • For March well I want to review Elsewhere part Uno! (Like that? Little culture in the’s post’s now!) Well basically what happened is I finished Part Two of a whole other POV. And I’ve totally forgotten a bunch of details and other junk. So that’s what I’m going to read the rest of March to refresh.

– Also I want a solid outline for Nano, Sorry Jared, no crazy mess the night before, It didn’t really work out. I’ve already started on an outline, It’s pretty big, like I have a list of events I want to happen but now I gotta piece them together.

  • Let’s think…  I’d like to read at least one more book before Nanowrimo. I am in the huge slump and trying to fight the slump and read as much of The Alloy of Law, but hey hopefully this will break the slump!
  • Request a book, IDK I need another book in my life!

Well that’s basically it, short and sweet! And a ton of writing to do! Anyway’s thank’s for listening to me ramble on about my goals!



NanoWriMo 2015

Hey Guys!

Sorry I haven’t been posting a ton I literally cleared my blogging schedule so that I could do NanoWriMo 2015.

If you are not aware Nanowrimo, also called National Novel Writing Month is a time when all authors and aspiring authors go on a crazy quest to write a 50K word novel during the month of November. I have literally been so stressed to do this but it’s now day 5 and my word count total for today is 5382 words written. Since the end of October I have been outlining like crazy and trying to write like heck! So, just to tell you that I’m not abandoning this blog, because I have the best Subscribers, a guy could ask for! So just to have a heads up you probably won’t be hearing a ton from me this month.

If your interested In my story I’m working on, I planning to call it “Elsewhere.”

It will basically be the founding of America all over again but the genre will be fantasy! I’ll try to give you more info in the near future when this crazy month is over, and I actually have things set in stone.

Thank you for reading this post Just a reminder to keep reading… and have fun.

If you want to tell me what your topic for NanoWriMo this year just feel free to leave a comment on this post; And if you’re not planning to be participating definitly Continue reading NanoWriMo 2015

An Ember in the Ashes by: Sabba Tahir

# of pages: 453

Author: Sabba Tahir

Summary:  In the Martial Empire, People who do not swear loyalty are to be killed. Laia is a slave, her people are slaves to the soldiers. When one day her brother gets kidnapped and meets the Rebellion. Laia must be a spy in order for the Rebellion to get her brother back. But here’s the catch she has to spy on a school. A school of Martials.

an Ember in the ashes

Characters: This book has two points of view, we have Laia who is the slave, and Elias who is a Martial. Elias doesn’t really want to be a Martial but sort of is shy about saying so.( well frankly because of the part that you get killed…..) But I personally really liked Elias’s point of view much better then Laia’s. I mean come on they were still very enjoyable. But I just was really looking forward to Elias’s scenes because of all of the action and the adventure


What I liked: I really love this book! It has a certain feel at the end that just makes you want more. I really liked It.overall this is a very enjoyable read and I am anxious to read more. I really liked Elias’s sort of view. There was always a hook and action at the end of every chapter. I am dying to learn more about the Commandant (The “Principal” of  the school) and just why she is so evil! I am really personally looking forward to more books in the future!


What I didn’t like: At times the book was slow. It took about 170+ pages in order to sort of get into the feel of Sabba’s writing.  But I totally think you should check out this book!

Rating: 4/5