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NaNoWriMo Week 1

Hey guys,

Sorry about the wait, I was writing a novel. (nothing big at all) 🙂 Anyway I mustered up the strength to type out this post to let you know all about how week one of NaNoWriMo has been going for me!

To start off I’d say the short answer is that I’m doing very well. I’ve Written the exact amount of words EVERY SINGLE DAY, and at one point was even ahead by 3K. But, that head start caught up with me bringing back the plauge of author laziness and I became the average mundane writer that I am barely writing the exact number of words in the week. So in case you guys skipped that part let me re-iderate that I have hit the word count every day and are feeling pretty good about this whole writing thing! As of now, 2016, my story is at 14K! The word count goal for today is 15K so that means that after finishing this post, you can bet that you’ll find me writing.

This week I’ve learned so much about me as a writer that I can’t wait to show in some of my writing snippets that I’ll release sometime later this month. One of the highlights of the week was probrably when I had a scare in which my laptop turned off making me freak out in the middle of writing,  if it hadn’t been for google drive I would have lost 2K which would have probably caused me to stop writing this thing, cause who wants to redo something you just did? If you are doing NaNowrimo comment below your  so I can congratulate you! If you want to see all of my progress periodically you can be my buddy by going to the link at the end of this post.

Anyways I am on track for success and are SO excited to see the outcome of this novel! I’ll be posting weekly update posts so stay tuned to see that in the future, until then thanks for reading, and I will see you in another blog post coming to you next week!

See Ya!



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*Ever the Stars- starting second draft. Finished at 45K

*The Hunt- 15K

*Elsewhere- Starting second draft and re-plotting

My Reading Update

Hey Guys,

So I thought I’d let you know all of the reading biz that is going in my life.

  1. Reading

Slowly, I been trickling back into the world of reading. Overall I have read 7 books in the last little while. After having a huge reading slump from Harry Potter I have FINALLY dived back into reading . While I have started I want to try to start slow and work my way up this means something small, AKA a Graphic Novel. For those who don’t know what a graphic novel is basically it’s a long comic book that you have to read in order to get the story, unlike some comic books in which you can just start wherever. Anyway I decided to go with something fantasy and started a Graphic Novel called Amulet.

It’s by Kazu Kibuishi and it’s made me obsessed. I started with book one and thought it was okay. Next, I started book two and it was better, Finally I started book three and was hooked from then on. For those who aren’t aware Amulet is basically about a girl named Emily who gets an amulet, finds another world, oh and did I mention her Mother got kidnapped by a creature in this “new” world? The book is very interesting and I would highly recommend it to people who want to start reading Graphic Novels.

Novel wise I have sucked. I’ve started a few books and I just can’t seem to be able to finish one. I started reading the Iron Trial by Cassandra Clair and Holly Black, It wasn’t bad, in fact it was good. I just couldn’t seem to find the motivation to find it. THOSE WHO HAVE READ HARRY POTTER AND BEEN IN A MAJOR SLUMP  HOW CAN YOU SURVIVE? I NEED BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS AND I NEED THEM FAST. I CAN’T SURVIVE THE SLUMP MUCH LONGER!


2. NaNoWriMo

In other news National Novel Writing Month is coming this November. For those who don’t know it’s a time when all writers of the world try to write 50K which is essentially a novel, in ONE month. Yes I know it’s crazy, Yes I know it seems impossible. BUT I CAN DO IT! I can’t really tell you a bunch of my plans for it but it’s probably my best idea yet and I think it’s “The One.”

Anyway thanks for reading this post! I will try hard to continue to post now that school is clearing up!




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A Recap

Hey guys,

I have not been on this thing in a little bit and I apologize. I’ve been busy with no internet, a bunch of reading, and NanoFailMo. Let’s begin.

NaNoWriMo: Well this was a fail. The Hunt, my book. Started out good, but then I stopped. We had no internet because of drywallers. So this sort of went in the toilet. Overall I did get 7K words… But still I got words, It’s a good start! So overall I’m a bit proud of myself for writing that much in a little short of time.


Reading: Reading wise, I read so much I read I think like five books. They were all really good and so I will get those reviews up at a later time. In case you want to see what I’m reading you can find my goodreads account and follow that.

–>  https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/31697424-jared-dabook-club

Well anyways that was my short recap of this last little bit. I’m hoping to get at least two reviews up by the end of the week so stay tuned to that.

Thank you for reading this, and stay tuned for more. I’m Jared and this is dabook.club.



NanoWriMo 2015

Hey Guys!

Sorry I haven’t been posting a ton I literally cleared my blogging schedule so that I could do NanoWriMo 2015.

If you are not aware Nanowrimo, also called National Novel Writing Month is a time when all authors and aspiring authors go on a crazy quest to write a 50K word novel during the month of November. I have literally been so stressed to do this but it’s now day 5 and my word count total for today is 5382 words written. Since the end of October I have been outlining like crazy and trying to write like heck! So, just to tell you that I’m not abandoning this blog, because I have the best Subscribers, a guy could ask for! So just to have a heads up you probably won’t be hearing a ton from me this month.

If your interested In my story I’m working on, I planning to call it “Elsewhere.”

It will basically be the founding of America all over again but the genre will be fantasy! I’ll try to give you more info in the near future when this crazy month is over, and I actually have things set in stone.

Thank you for reading this post Just a reminder to keep reading… and have fun.

If you want to tell me what your topic for NanoWriMo this year just feel free to leave a comment on this post; And if you’re not planning to be participating definitly Continue reading NanoWriMo 2015