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A possible prologue for Elsewhere?

Hey guys,

So I’ve been writing, and  I decided I want to follow the NaNoWriMo format for my story. Write 50K in one month, let’s do this thing.  Then I looked on my website and saw one of my goals was to release a sneak peek for Elsewhere. So let’s do this thing too, I guess. Keep in mind that this is just a first draft and nothing is final or perfect, so if you have any constructive criticism please leave a comment below and I would love to see your input.

Well without further ado, here we are the first prologue for Elsewhere is sort of here!


Galorin walked pulled out his sword from his leather sheath. This was it, this was the battle he’d been preparing for the past couple years. He was done with having a dictator from the Coastillan line. Galorin stared at his apprentice, his son, and his friend. Or at least was all of those things one time or another.
He wiped his long, gray hair,and held his sword, ready to fight.
“Father how many times have I asked you to put up with this foolish nonsense and come and join the crown.” King Coastillan sighed slowly walking across the room.
Galorin glared at him and huffed. “You know very well why I have never accepted that offer. You have become a dictator, the crown has poisoned you as had me. Now it is time for you to step down and help me create an independent nation or you will be removed.”
King Coastillan nodded. “Removed, “ he said blowing his long black hair to the side, “You mean more like killed!”
“If it need be.” Galorin replied.
“Then I guess that you’ll just have to get on with that, after I have you dead I’ll bury you next to my puny brother who forced me to step in his place.”
Galorin cringed. “You take that back now!”
“Never!” King Coastillan yelled as he gnashed his teeth. He drawled out his sword and lunged.
Galorin held his sword blocking the first blow.
He pulled back, raising his sword above his head and striking down, determined to destroy the dictator of Aconite. The dictator he was before he stepped down from the throne, and the dictator Aconite didn’t deserve. Galorin new he was old, he knew he wouldn’t win, and he knew he couldn’t make the King change. But he could try.
King Coastillan blocked the weak attempt of a swing and laughed.
“It’s really quite funny watching you play with your sword, you act as if you’ve never seen one.” King Coastillan turned his sword in a circle knocking Galorin’s sword out of his hand. The king rested his sword at the point of Galorin’s neck.
“Join me?” King Coastillan asked.
Galorin closed his eyes and sighed. “Never.”
King Coastillan scoffed. “I was afraid it would come to this but never the a lass everyone has their day to die, your’s is just sooner that you thought.”
King Coastillan stabbed Galorin, with his knife, and pulled out.
Galorin’s eyes became droopy. I must pick and heir! he thought. He closed his eyes imagining a girl, her hair as sleek and as red as a fox’s pelt. He smiled, she was the heir.
Gallorin’s white tunic started to turn red.
He fell to the ground as Kind Coastillan turned, leaving his Father to die in his throne room.
Galorin’s eyes widened.
He was as ready for death as was death ready for him.
Everything would turn out fine in the end.
Galorin closed his eyes and sighed.
Finally he had a break from all the fighting.


That was it! Did you like it? Do you want more? Comment below and tell me how I did!

Thanks for reading, my names Jared and I will have another post up soon so bye!