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Winter Quarterly Reading/Writing Goals

Hey Guys,

It’s that time again. When I post all of my quarterly goals on this again. For those who are new to this type of post basically I post goals every quarter for all things bookish and look back at them and see if I did them or not. The reason I post the goals on this blog is to motivate me into doing them. And so I don’t look like a fool saying something but not doing it.

Anyway. Let’s look at all of my past goals last time and see if I achieved this.


  1. Write and finish a First Draft!

I did this! For those who don’t know I participated in NaNoWriMo and won! 50K Hurray!

Image result for achieved gif

2.Start edits for Ever the Stars.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do this. I found myself way busier than I first expected and just didn’t roll around to get this done.Hopefully I’ll be able to get this done next time.

Image result for I have failed you gif


3. Get to 300 followers on Instagram

Does 230 count? Didn’t accomplish this either. *Cries into pillow for eternity*

4. Read 6 books!

As you all know I haven’t been reading up to par recently. But I managed to crank out 6 books read so MISSION ACHIEVED!!

5. Find a Critique Partner

Don’t even ask. I didn’t do amazing 2/5 is pretty bad. But considering one of those goals are to write a novel. I’ll give myself a 3/5.

So those were the old, here’s the new one’s.

1. Finish the second draft for Ever the Stars!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get this done. 2nd drafts are the bane of my existence, but I can do this!

2. Post something every week.

Another goal I’ve been trying to accomplish is to continually post good, engaging content. Which Is why I’m going to work REALLY hard to bring you the best content possible.

3. Read 10 books.

Most of you know I’ve been slacking in the book department recently. IT ALL CHANGES NOW! I CAN DO THIS! I’ve already read one and are starting the second. SO glad my reading slump is finally over. (No thank’s to Harry Potter at all.)

4. Figure out Scrivener

This Christmas I got Scrivener. For those who don’t know what that is it’s a writing tool that will help you write your story and keep everything really neat and tidy. (Something I lack) I’ve got it on my thumb drive and have been procrastinating uploading it to my computer. Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon though, I’ve been getting a ton of new shiny book Ideas I’d be interested in writing about.

That’s it! Do you guys do goals? If so, what are some of your goals!

Thanks for reading! My name’s Jared and I will have another post up soon!




Quarterly Writing/Reading Goals

Hey Guys,

So In case you aren’t aware every quarter I try to come up a couple of goals that I HAVE to complete by the end of the quarter. I find that as I post my goals here on the internet I tend to try my best to complete them because I hate the embarrassment that I feel when I don’t complete something. Usually these goals are reading and writing related but they don’t have to be all that. So without further ado let’s begin!


  1. Write and finish a First Draft!

Because National Novel Writing Month is coming this November I obviously have to participate! I LOVE my idea so I’m pretty sure I’ve got this all in the bag. As for me telling you the idea… Well I’m gonna save that for a future post

2. Start edits for Ever the Stars.

So way back when I finished my previous Camp NaNoWriMo I just stopped. No edits, no lookbacks. Stopped. THIS IS ABOUT TO CHANGE! Starting now from the end of October to after November I will be doing edits for my short story. Yes I’ve decided it’s story isn’t long enough to be a novel. So, I need to look back at it, re-read it, and figure out what to do next.

3. Get to 300 followers on Instagram

For those who have an instagram and don’t follow me my book account is @Jared_dabook.club right now I have 210 followers and I hope to aim to get that to get my blog out their!

4. Read 6 books!

As you all know I haven’t been reading up to par recently. And with Nano around the corner It’s  only gonna push reading farther away. So my hope is that with this goal it will get me to read more.

5. Find a Critique Partner

(Sort of Self Explanatory)

6.  Consistently post at least twice a week.

Well those are my goals! Thank you for reading this post, comment below to tell me what posts you’d like to see in the future!




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