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5 tips for how to read more in 2017

Hey guys,

So I had the idea for this post while I was reading this week. Then I asked myself a question.

“What are my tips for reading more?”

Everybody know’s that there is no “cheat” to reading. You can’t really cheat reading. (Unless you don’t read. But why are you here if you hate reading?”

Below I will have my top five tips for reading more, enjoy!

1.Speed read

Now I  know what you’re thinking. Speed reading? *Raises eyebrow* I came all this way for speed reading? Yes, yes you did. Howard Berg, the fastest reader in the world did a study a couple of years ago when he was asking the same question you are. What he found was amazing, and sort of obvious. Remember in school how they encouraged you to use your finger to read the text underneath? In a nutshell Howard proposes to use your finger and slide it across the page, while reading as fast as you can comprehend. For me, this works. For others, not so much.  Personally, I like to take my time reading all of the words that took the author so long to put on the page, the description, the setting. I love it all! If you feel speed reading is for you, I would highly recommend you look at this page for more information.
Howard Berg Information

2. Carry your book, everywhere.

If your like me, you don’t have as much time as you’d like. (Does anyone one this puny earth?) I don’t get the leisure of sitting around all day reading to my heart’s content.  So what do I do? The answer is simple, take a book everywhere. You never know if your teacher will be five minutes late, and instead of wasting it surfing instagram mindlessly you could be KILLING DRAGONS! You never know when you’ll be in a long car ride, or when you’ll be watching a movie for a class, this way you will ALWAYS be ready. You never know when you’ll have those little pockets of free time. So be prepared.

3. Say no to social media

Unless you’re some turtle hiding under a rock you probably have witnessed first hand at how distracting social media can be. People can spend hours at a time on instagram or snapchat. What I don’t get is why people can’t cut that time in half and spend the other reading a good book. The point I’m making in this is simple. Spend as much time reading your book as you do wasting it with social media. If you’re doing this constantly I promise that books will become your new social media. You underestimate yourself! Make goals, fight, and WIN!


4. Audio books

Another way I read so much is through these bad boys. *Scrolls through vast collection of audio books* No, I’m not rich. No I don’t buy them illegally. I just merely downloaded my local library’s app Overdrive. For those who aren’t aware Overdrive is an online e-book and audio book library that sinks up with your library card. You can download them on your phone, kindle, tablet, etc. And the best part is that it’s totally free.

Overdrive on Google Play
5. Constantly be reading

How are you going to finish a book if you’re not reading? The answer is” you’re not. It’s that  simple, if you care about reading you’ll read. Mix it up, try something new. Instead of reading your 40th fantasy book of the year, try sci-fi. Expand your horizons and make 2017 the best reading year of your life!

That’s all folks! Thank’s for reading! Hopefully these tips will help you as you continue your reading endeavors for 2017! Hope you have an amazing reading year! Comment below the book your reading right now!

Thanks! Happy reading.