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Uglies By: Scott Westerfeld

# of pages: 278

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Summary:In this futeristic world all teens wait till they turn 16 to undergo a massive surgery to be changed from a normal ugly into a pretty. Tally Youngblood has dreamed of being a pretty. But when her friend Shay runs away the Government wont make her a pretty, unless she finds Shay. The one who made her stuck being Ugly.


Characters: I really liked Tally. She didn’t have crazy story development but it was more mild and more focused on the part that she needed to find Shay to be a pretty. I wasn’t really a fan of Shay especially at the end. But I sort of liked her at the beginning. I also want to learn more about her Tally Youngblood’s family and her friend. Continue reading Uglies By: Scott Westerfeld