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5 Ways to Organize your Bookshelf!

Hey guys,

So I wanted to do a Bookshelf Organization post so that if you ever feel bored and up to the challenge, you can re-organize your bookshelf. Anyway enough talk let’s start this thing!

Ways to do your

  1.   Rainbow

If you have not already thought of this you can organize your books by color. It’s such a fun way and visually pleasing way to set your books up on your shelf, but sometimes it’s a pain to remember what color the spine of your book was if you’re looking for it.


                                                                                                            Credit to Katytastic for photo

2.  Alphabetical.

You could also set your books in order from A-Z by author last name or by title. But I mean just in general to organize them from A-Z.

3. Height

Your could also organize your books by height like have them all gradually get bigger or smaller. I personally like this one the most cause I like seeing all of my hardcovers sitting next to each other and looking all perfect.


4. Genre

Another way you could organize the shelves is if you put the fantasies with fantasies, the Mysteries with the Mysteries and so forth. If it was my bookshelf it would be all fantasies and like four mysteries in a little corner in the left.

5. Chronological

Basically try to set your books in order of the time and setting like the dystopians at the end and the old pirate books at the beginning, play around with it. I personally wasn’t a huge fan of this but I know others that like that.


Well thanks for reading this post! I hope you’ve gotten some good Ideas for future re-organization. If you’ve tried organizing your shelves any of these ways, or maybe even another way. Comment below and tell me, I’m anxious to see what you’ll say. Until next time, READ ON!





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My Rating System

Hey guys,

So I have to do this whole post again since it didn’t save so… Anyway I was looking at my reviews the other day and found out that I never actually made a thing telling you what a five-star book is in my opinion. So I decided from then on their that we won’t ever be having this problem again. So without further ado let’s do this!

One Star- Ugh, this was the most boring book! I would never recommend this book to anyone, steer clear of this one. The Plot was boring and It was pure torture to go from page to page.


Two Stars- Eh, wasn’t boring, I would probably not suggest this book to anyone, Maybe pick it up, maybe. The plot was eh, characters not relatable.



Three Stars- This book wasn’t amazing but wasn’t bad too. Maybe pick it up, the plot was better but not great, had a ton of cliche’s.

Four Stars- This book was pretty good, I constantly was turning the pages.  It was almost amazing but not there yet. I would probably recommend it.

Five Stars- THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING! A total page turner, I would recommend this book to any and everyone. The plot was amazing, the characters, the story, the setting was all so amazing!

5 stars

Well that was my post! Keep in mind this is not exact I have to be really nit picky in order to give the review, There might be different things that have me judge wether to give a high or low score VIA Characters, plot, setting, presentation. Anyway thanks for reading this post! My names Jared, I publish posts every Wednesday and Saturday. So see you later, and in the mean time. Read on!






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