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Blogger Inverview! Xander from ForeverBookish

Hey guys,

So I reached out to Xander @ Foreverbookish.com and asked if he would like to be interviewed. For those who don’t know he is a 14 year old book blogger, just like me! He immediantly responded saying he would love to, So I did. Below are the questions and answers, Enjoy!

Q. What made you want to be a blogger?

A. Funnily enough, I was extremely intrigued about ARCs. The first time I saw one my brain kind of short-circuited because how can someone have a book before it’s published?!? How does that work? I thought ARCs were so cool. I also love sharing my thoughts about books with others and talking about books with books nerds like me and that is what really keeps me going.

Q. Describe your Favorite book in one sentence.
A. Alright, since it’s such a boring answer I’ll give you the Harry Potter answer and then one for my other favorite book.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling: Boy living in a cupboard finds out he’s a wizard and he fights Voldemort’s dark forces.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: Beautifully written book set in the South that everyone needs to read at least once.

Q. Favorite movie?

A. My favorite movie changes every now and then but right now it’s got to be Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. I saw it shortly after I read the book and it was. So. Freaking. Good. It captures the essence of the book so well and the beautiful cinematography blended with author Jesse Andrews’s writing makes for an emotional and stunning adaptation.

Q.  How long have you been blogging?

This March will be 4 years! Time has just flown by.

Q. Have any cool memories or things that have happened to you since you became a reviewer?

So many amazing things have happened. There are some surreal moments that I’ve had to pinch myself about, and I still can’t believe. Two years ago, I raised the money to attend BookExpo America which was incredible. I got to talk to one of my heroes, Rick Riordan, and while I usually try to be chill in front of authors, I kind of exploded while I was talking to him. The other day I found out he visited my blog which never in my wildest dreams I imagined. I’ve had the chance to interview and meet a lot of my favorite authors, and I never thought I would meet/get to know as many bloggers and be in such an amazing community of people.

Q. What is your all time favorite YA author?

At this moment Jason Reynolds and John Corey Whaley are my faves.

Q. What projects are you working on?  Writing anything?

Ooh, I’ve got some exciting stuff on the way. I have a backlog of interviews that haven’t been posted yet, that will be posted on my blog weekly. Gayle Forman, Garth Nix, Marie Lu, Sabaa Tahir…there are loads of them! In terms of writing, I am planning on doing NaNoWriMo This year so we’ll see what comes out of that!

Q. What do you think one of your secrets of success for blogging/reviewing?

Be yourself on your blog. Be the fanboy/girl you are and don’t be embarrassed that you have a book blog. Be creative; creativity can put you ahead and set you apart from others. Read and review what you want to read and review. This is especially important because if you aren’t reading what you want to, you’re not going to be happy blogging. And if blogging doesn’t make you happy, what’s the point? Attend as many author events and panels as possible. They have great advice on writing and deadlines and meeting authors is one of my favorite things. Don’t be shy, introduce yourself to authors and bloggers and publishers. There’s a big community out there that, I swear, has some of the world’s nicest people in it. And if you’re thinking about starting a blog but you’re not sure, DO IT. A big thing I’ve learned is that you need to try things and ask questions and if you decided you don’t like it, you will know that blogging isn’t for you. Go for it! It won’t hurt to try.

About Xander
HEYA THERE!  I’m Xander. I am the blogger/reviewer who runs Forever Bookish. I kinda sorta like books. Like, A LOT. Like, so much that my floor has piles of books on it and my TBR shows no sign of ending. I’m 13 years old and don’t sleep nearly enough because books. I attend WAY too many book festivals and conventions and get even MORE books from those, but hey, it’s one of my favorite things. I geek out and freak out over Harry Potter, Rick Riordan and adorable picture books about beefeaters. I like chocolate and organizing my bookshelf, but not together because I don’t want to get chocolate on my books. I collect foreign and unique Harry Potter editions, and most of my Tweets are all CAPSLOCK even though my computer doesn’t have a capslock button. Let’s be friends!

Quarterly Writing/Reading Goals

Hey Guys,

So In case you aren’t aware every quarter I try to come up a couple of goals that I HAVE to complete by the end of the quarter. I find that as I post my goals here on the internet I tend to try my best to complete them because I hate the embarrassment that I feel when I don’t complete something. Usually these goals are reading and writing related but they don’t have to be all that. So without further ado let’s begin!


  1. Write and finish a First Draft!

Because National Novel Writing Month is coming this November I obviously have to participate! I LOVE my idea so I’m pretty sure I’ve got this all in the bag. As for me telling you the idea… Well I’m gonna save that for a future post

2. Start edits for Ever the Stars.

So way back when I finished my previous Camp NaNoWriMo I just stopped. No edits, no lookbacks. Stopped. THIS IS ABOUT TO CHANGE! Starting now from the end of October to after November I will be doing edits for my short story. Yes I’ve decided it’s story isn’t long enough to be a novel. So, I need to look back at it, re-read it, and figure out what to do next.

3. Get to 300 followers on Instagram

For those who have an instagram and don’t follow me my book account is @Jared_dabook.club right now I have 210 followers and I hope to aim to get that to get my blog out their!

4. Read 6 books!

As you all know I haven’t been reading up to par recently. And with Nano around the corner It’s  only gonna push reading farther away. So my hope is that with this goal it will get me to read more.

5. Find a Critique Partner

(Sort of Self Explanatory)

6.  Consistently post at least twice a week.

Well those are my goals! Thank you for reading this post, comment below to tell me what posts you’d like to see in the future!




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Best Books of the Year (So Far)

Best Books of the Year (So Far)

Hey guys,

So today I was sitting in class and thinking about books. (As usual) My mind instantly wandered making me think of all of the amazing books out in the world today. And of course I didn’t get a single thing out of my Spanish class (unfortunately the norm.) But, While thinking about books my mind traveled back to my Goodreads list of all of the books I’ve read this year. My brain instantly filled with all of my fave books this year. I’d like to share my top 5 best books of the year.

A bit of a disclaimer: The books that are on this list don’t have to have come out this year. The only requirement is that I have read the book this year. Also these books are not in any order, they are my top five fave books of the year since I couldn’t lower it down any further.

Now that we got that clear let’s begin!

  1. Winter by: Marissa Meyer

As It would be a sin to not mention this book somewhere in this post I just decided to start off with this so that I wouldn’t forget. In case you aren’t familiar with the Lunar Chronicles this is the fourth and final book in this series. It was spectacular, it was glorious, and I LOVED IT! Basically these four books are fairy tale retellings with a Star Wars theme to them. The first being a Cinderella retelling, the second Beauty and the Beast and Red Riding Hood. Third, a Rapunzel retelling, and the fourth being a Snow White retelling. I am in LOVE with this series and recommend it to anyone. If I were to compare this series to anything it would be Fairy Tales meets Star Wars.


  1. Mistborn by: Brandon Sanderson

I loved this book so much. In case you aren’t aware of this amazing book basically their once was this amazing hero who showed strange powers and who was destined to destroy the evilness that ruled the world, until this destined person dies. That’s where this book start’s off. The book is very interesting with crazy plot twists and things you could never expect. It is High Fantasy, And I’d compare it to Throne of glass meet’s Avatar the Last Airbender meet’s way more intense fighting.


  1. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Everyone has heard of the amazing Harry Potter series by Ms. JK Rowling. They’ve been made into movies, they’ve had their own video games as well as a bunch of other things. Before starting all of the Harry Potter’s this year I thought seeing the movies was enough for me. That was until I decided to try the first book. Every book got better and soon I found that I was obsessed. The sheer world building is so grand it makes the book amazing. While this is (sort of) the last book in the Harry potter books. It is just so amazing and it made me have all the feels. If you have not tried to read the books yet I HIGHLY recommend them.


  1. The Hidden Oracle by: Rick Riordan

This book is so good! Part of the reason I loved this book so much was due to the fact that it added more to the ending that was finished in the Heroes of Olympus Series. I didn’t really love Apollo as a character he was sorta snotty and I hated reading about him. Although I did love too re-visist everything and “re-live the magic” This first book in a series is guaranteed to live on and be popular if they keep having these “Character Cameos” (Cameo from Characters in other series)


  1. Amulet by: Kazu Kibuishi

Well this was my first graphic novel and I LOVED IT! Basically the story is about a girl named Emily. Her father dies in a car crash so her Mother, brother, and herself move to an Uncles old house. After moving in they uncover a hidden world and find out that Emily is a stonekeeper. Everything is fine until her Mother gets kidnaped. I liked this story because it started out small and simple and as the story progressed It got more complex adding on to old things, making things more meaningful. As the story progresses each book gets better than the latter. If I could summarize the story it would be like The Demon King meets Avatar the Last Airbender

Well that was my top 5 greatest books that I’ve read so far. Please tell me in the comments if you’ve read any of these and what was your fav. Thank’s for reading, my names Jared and I will have another post up soon.




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My Reading Update

Hey Guys,

So I thought I’d let you know all of the reading biz that is going in my life.

  1. Reading

Slowly, I been trickling back into the world of reading. Overall I have read 7 books in the last little while. After having a huge reading slump from Harry Potter I have FINALLY dived back into reading . While I have started I want to try to start slow and work my way up this means something small, AKA a Graphic Novel. For those who don’t know what a graphic novel is basically it’s a long comic book that you have to read in order to get the story, unlike some comic books in which you can just start wherever. Anyway I decided to go with something fantasy and started a Graphic Novel called Amulet.

It’s by Kazu Kibuishi and it’s made me obsessed. I started with book one and thought it was okay. Next, I started book two and it was better, Finally I started book three and was hooked from then on. For those who aren’t aware Amulet is basically about a girl named Emily who gets an amulet, finds another world, oh and did I mention her Mother got kidnapped by a creature in this “new” world? The book is very interesting and I would highly recommend it to people who want to start reading Graphic Novels.

Novel wise I have sucked. I’ve started a few books and I just can’t seem to be able to finish one. I started reading the Iron Trial by Cassandra Clair and Holly Black, It wasn’t bad, in fact it was good. I just couldn’t seem to find the motivation to find it. THOSE WHO HAVE READ HARRY POTTER AND BEEN IN A MAJOR SLUMP  HOW CAN YOU SURVIVE? I NEED BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS AND I NEED THEM FAST. I CAN’T SURVIVE THE SLUMP MUCH LONGER!


2. NaNoWriMo

In other news National Novel Writing Month is coming this November. For those who don’t know it’s a time when all writers of the world try to write 50K which is essentially a novel, in ONE month. Yes I know it’s crazy, Yes I know it seems impossible. BUT I CAN DO IT! I can’t really tell you a bunch of my plans for it but it’s probably my best idea yet and I think it’s “The One.”

Anyway thanks for reading this post! I will try hard to continue to post now that school is clearing up!




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4 Books becoming movies 2016-2017

Hey guys,

So I wanted to sort of spend this post telling you all of the most popular book to movie adaptations that we know of so far. I did this because I love seeing books come to the big screen, I also love comparing the two to see which was better, usually the book for me. But still I love seeing the characters I love come to life. Well without further ado let’s start this thing!

  1.  The BFG by: Ronald Dahl

This is something I’ve been looking forward too for a while. I loved the book and read it in elementary school so I’m so excited to see how it does on the big screen! In case you are not aware Ronald Dahl, the author of the book is also the author of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

2.   Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


I loved the book for this so much! It’s a bit creepy but I loved it so much. I loved that it focused on the wonder instead of the creepiness. DISCLAIMER: I don’t know how this is going to turn out. The Director is Tim Burton so I’m hoping that he won’t make it too creepy, but Then again I’m not the director so I don’t know if it will or not.

3.  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them

I am so excited for this! It’s in the world of Harry Potter but not. It’s in america in like the 80’s I think. It looks so good, this is honestly my most anticipated book to movie adaptation of the year! Then again being a fan of Harry Potter I’m just so excited to be back in this world!

4.  The Death Cure


Well this is the final book and movie in the Maze Runner Movies. disregard the picture, the release is actually coming in 2018 due to an accident on set with Dylan O’Brien (Thomas) as he heals from a stunt gone wrong. But I still had to include that because I loved the movies and the books.

Cover Wars Wednesday!

Hey guys,

So I started to think and I decided that I wanted to start a new thing on my blog. It’s called Cover Wars Wednesday! It’s been created by Books Is Glee so I decided I wanted to do it too. Basically I compare the U.S. Cover of a book to the U.K. Cover and ask you which one was better.  Well withought further ado let’s start this thing.

The book I wanted to compare covers to today was Mistborn by: Brandon Sanderson.

Behold the covers.


The cover on the left is the American edition, and the cover on the right is the UK edition. I personally like the UK edition better, I’m not a huge fan of the American, but the story is amazing! Anyway here was my short post, which do you like better? American or United Kingdom? Tell me in the comments below.

Anyway thanks for reading this, my names Jared and I’ll have posts up every Wednesday and Saturday, so look for me then.  So until next time! Bye!




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Writing Goals March-April

Hey Guys!

Today I’m gonna set some goals for my reading, writing, and well everything in the book industry!

Well Let’s just get right into it!

  • -Well I was kinda thinking, WAIT NEVER MIND THIS CAN WAIT. SAY HELLO TO SOMEONE WHO’S DOING APRIL NANOWRIMO! I finally convinced some friends and were about to embark on this wonderful journey!
  • -Also with writing 50K for Nanowrimo, this is kinda gonna be the only goal I’ll set for myself besides reading one ARC copy being sent in the mail.
  • For March well I want to review Elsewhere part Uno! (Like that? Little culture in the’s post’s now!) Well basically what happened is I finished Part Two of a whole other POV. And I’ve totally forgotten a bunch of details and other junk. So that’s what I’m going to read the rest of March to refresh.

– Also I want a solid outline for Nano, Sorry Jared, no crazy mess the night before, It didn’t really work out. I’ve already started on an outline, It’s pretty big, like I have a list of events I want to happen but now I gotta piece them together.

  • Let’s think…  I’d like to read at least one more book before Nanowrimo. I am in the huge slump and trying to fight the slump and read as much of The Alloy of Law, but hey hopefully this will break the slump!
  • Request a book, IDK I need another book in my life!

Well that’s basically it, short and sweet! And a ton of writing to do! Anyway’s thank’s for listening to me ramble on about my goals!



REVIEW- The Book Thief by: Marcus Zusak

cooltext133089402245467 From Goodreads, It’s just a small story really, about among other things: a girl, some words, an accordionist, some fanatical Germans, a Jewish fist-fighter, and quite a lot of thievery. . . .

Set during World War II in Germany, Markus Zusak’s groundbreaking new novel is the story of Liesel Meminger, a foster girl living outside of Munich. Liesel scratches out a meager existence for herself by stealing when she encounters something she can’t resist–books. With the help of her accordion-playing foster-father, she learns to read and shares her stolen books with her neighbors during bombing raids as well as with the Jewish man hidden in her basement before he is marched to Dachau.

cooltext133089303484155 Man I feel played.  I fell into the author’s hands and he crushed me to pieces. This book was amazing! While reading this you never fully realize how attached you get to these characters. This book is so amazing! I did not instantly fall in love with these characters, but by at least page 100 I loved them all!

Edited with Afterlight

cooltext133089343094800 May I begin by saying this is a way thought out book! I love that it gave such amazing imagery. The characters were exquisite.  And the plot was so different and I fell for the plot twists every time. For those who don’t know this story is told from the perspective of Death as a person. It’s different and at the hard it’s a little hard to retain information, but in the end you get used to it. Now keep in mind that I read this book for school but it was on my TBR (To be read) list. BIG ALERT! THIS BOOK CONTAINS SOME STUFF I.E a bunch of swearing-in German. But for school our teacher had edited it for us. I would recommend reading this to your child if you edit, she (The teacher) used a sharpie and it still was as good!

cooltext133089378843909The beginning, it was so hard to retain things. At least I felt like the beginning didn’t really live up to its amazingness. It was so hard to read it, but being forced to read it by myself for homework made me power through this puppy! (Not literally)

Rating: 4.5/5


Thank you for reading and I’ll have another post up soon so until then, bye!



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Book News! 2/12/16

Hey Guys, I’m here to tell you all about the newest book news!

Let the book NEWS BEGIN

1. Alan Rickman

Did you hear the news?  Alan Rickman, the actor who portrayed Severus Snape in Harry Potter had died. Let’s just all take a minute and think about how awesome this guy was, (Guess who’s going to have an excuse to watch Harry Potter again..)


2.  A Series of Unforunate events.

Guess what series is going to be produced by Netflix into a show? Yep you read the title right, A Series of unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket is being made into a TV show!  Count Olaf will be played by Neil Patrick Harris!



3. Harry Potter BOOK 8

Okay well this has been confirmed, JK Rowling’s play called the Cursed Child will start in July, following the next day this screen play book will have all of what happens in the play! It sets in a time 19 years after the battle at Hogwarts! Both Potters (Albus and Harry) have to deal with the family legacy as well as Harry being an overworked Ministry of Magic Employee! Here is the Cover and do you count this as book 8? Tell me in the comments below!



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My names Jared, I’ll  see you later so until then read on, have fun, and read a ton!



Review- Legend by: Marie Lu


What was once the western United States is now home to the Republic, a nation perpetually at war with its neighbors. Born into an elite family in one of the Republic’s wealthiest districts, fifteen-year-old June is a prodigy being groomed for success in the Republic’s highest military circles. Born into the slums, fifteen-year-old Day is the country’s most wanted criminal. But his motives may not be as malicious as they seem. (Goodreads Summary)

From very different worlds, June and Day have no reason to cross paths—until the day June’s brother, Metias, is murdered and Day becomes the prime suspect. Caught in the ultimate game of cat and mouse, Day is in a race for his family’s survival, while June seeks to avenge Metias’s death. But in a shocking turn of events, the two uncover the truth of what has really brought them together, and the sinister lengths their country will go to keep its secrets.

cooltext133089303484155 Well this book was amazing. I knew I wanted to read it soon, but I guess I just always never got to it. Now finally I have and this book is amazing. There are two characters, June and Day. Day is a criminal, and June is a detective leading so different worlds their worlds suddenly crossing paths. I love this batch of characters, this is literally my favorite book I’ve read this year!


cooltext133089343094800Well this book is amazing. There was a bunch of  plots twists that were amazing, although I saw one a mile away. The world building was good too, this is not your normal dystopian book. It is fast paced and does not have the normal or usual plot line for a dystopian story. This story is original and is a little like Les Miserables.

cooltext133089378843909 I didn’t hate anything it all looks amazing!

I love everything about this book the characters, the plot, the story it was all so amazing I have no words on how to describe to you this book!



5/5 stars

5 stars