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Game On: An Alien and Space Adventure by: R.E. Rowe

# of pages:  281

Suggested Age: 10-12

Author: R.E. Rowe

Source: ARC/NetGalley

Summary: Jayden Banks was an average 13 year old. That is until his friend’s sister Nora gets kidnapped and he and his friend stumble upon a secret Alien War! Jayden must lead a rebellion of kids to overthrow the evil alien king, Nuk’ana.

Charecters: Well my favorite charecter in this book has got to be Nora. She is the sister of the main charecters friend. This book is very centered on space. (If you couldn’t tell by the title) Nora is a super smart girl. so smart she was taught by an MIT student that had a PHD in Astro Physics  Nora is one of those girls who isn’t a complete nerd but knows a heck a lot about tech!

What I Liked: Well to start of with this I really like the idea for this story. The Imagery was just so vivid! I loved the plot twists! I would highly recommend this to someone who’s kid has his face glued to a tablet! It’s video games in a book! What More could a kid and parent want?

What I didn’t like: Well first off R.E. rowe I think explained the tech overboard. Sometimes I had to check my phone to see what  some of the things were. One example of this is parsecs. This book is classified as children’s fiction. What 10 year old would know what parsecs are? I don’t even know what they are. So unless your an  Astrophysist (In which I doubt most 10 year olds are) I would suggest to include a simpilar term. I also would like some different view points but overall this was an okay book.

Game on

Rating: 3.5/5