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Best Books of the Year (So Far)

Best Books of the Year (So Far)

Hey guys,

So today I was sitting in class and thinking about books. (As usual) My mind instantly wandered making me think of all of the amazing books out in the world today. And of course I didn’t get a single thing out of my Spanish class (unfortunately the norm.) But, While thinking about books my mind traveled back to my Goodreads list of all of the books I’ve read this year. My brain instantly filled with all of my fave books this year. I’d like to share my top 5 best books of the year.

A bit of a disclaimer: The books that are on this list don’t have to have come out this year. The only requirement is that I have read the book this year. Also these books are not in any order, they are my top five fave books of the year since I couldn’t lower it down any further.

Now that we got that clear let’s begin!

  1. Winter by: Marissa Meyer

As It would be a sin to not mention this book somewhere in this post I just decided to start off with this so that I wouldn’t forget. In case you aren’t familiar with the Lunar Chronicles this is the fourth and final book in this series. It was spectacular, it was glorious, and I LOVED IT! Basically these four books are fairy tale retellings with a Star Wars theme to them. The first being a Cinderella retelling, the second Beauty and the Beast and Red Riding Hood. Third, a Rapunzel retelling, and the fourth being a Snow White retelling. I am in LOVE with this series and recommend it to anyone. If I were to compare this series to anything it would be Fairy Tales meets Star Wars.


  1. Mistborn by: Brandon Sanderson

I loved this book so much. In case you aren’t aware of this amazing book basically their once was this amazing hero who showed strange powers and who was destined to destroy the evilness that ruled the world, until this destined person dies. That’s where this book start’s off. The book is very interesting with crazy plot twists and things you could never expect. It is High Fantasy, And I’d compare it to Throne of glass meet’s Avatar the Last Airbender meet’s way more intense fighting.


  1. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Everyone has heard of the amazing Harry Potter series by Ms. JK Rowling. They’ve been made into movies, they’ve had their own video games as well as a bunch of other things. Before starting all of the Harry Potter’s this year I thought seeing the movies was enough for me. That was until I decided to try the first book. Every book got better and soon I found that I was obsessed. The sheer world building is so grand it makes the book amazing. While this is (sort of) the last book in the Harry potter books. It is just so amazing and it made me have all the feels. If you have not tried to read the books yet I HIGHLY recommend them.


  1. The Hidden Oracle by: Rick Riordan

This book is so good! Part of the reason I loved this book so much was due to the fact that it added more to the ending that was finished in the Heroes of Olympus Series. I didn’t really love Apollo as a character he was sorta snotty and I hated reading about him. Although I did love too re-visist everything and “re-live the magic” This first book in a series is guaranteed to live on and be popular if they keep having these “Character Cameos” (Cameo from Characters in other series)


  1. Amulet by: Kazu Kibuishi

Well this was my first graphic novel and I LOVED IT! Basically the story is about a girl named Emily. Her father dies in a car crash so her Mother, brother, and herself move to an Uncles old house. After moving in they uncover a hidden world and find out that Emily is a stonekeeper. Everything is fine until her Mother gets kidnaped. I liked this story because it started out small and simple and as the story progressed It got more complex adding on to old things, making things more meaningful. As the story progresses each book gets better than the latter. If I could summarize the story it would be like The Demon King meets Avatar the Last Airbender

Well that was my top 5 greatest books that I’ve read so far. Please tell me in the comments if you’ve read any of these and what was your fav. Thank’s for reading, my names Jared and I will have another post up soon.





My Christmas Holiday 2015 Guide for Books

2015 holiday

Hey Guys! Ever had an avid book reader in the family? Ever wondered what book to buy them because there are so many that they’ve read and you think they’ve read just about every book out there? Well I’m here to tell you they haven’t read everything. In this post I will be listing just a few of new novels that any middle grade and teen reader would love!

The First book on my Holiday Gift Guide is…



Mysteries of Cove: Fires of Invention By: J Scott Savage!

I received an early copy of this books via Shadow Mountain Publishing and loved it from the bat. I did a whole review on it a while back ago so if you want to read that I will leave a link at the bottom of this page for you to read all about this amazing book!

Review: Click Here!



paper things

Paper Things by: Jennifer Richard Jacobson

This is a Non-Fiction  book and it is amazing. I also did a review about this book a while back ago and it too was also very amazing! In this book we follow the story of Ari. Here parents both died and she is left with her step-mother and her brother. When her brother turns 16 he is leaving the stepmother’s home. He remembers his mother said she wanted him to always stay with Ari. Gage (The brother) get’s in a fight with Jana(Stepmother) and leaves with Ari. Now they have no house, no food, and are homeless. Follow Ari through hardships, friendships, and fun!

Review:Click Here!



Magnus Chase and the God’s of Asgard

While I have not read this book yet. When I saw this I was like…


And when I found out Magnus was Annabeth’s brother I was like this also!

Anyway I love all Rick Riordan books and hopefully I will get to read this amazing book. If you do not know Rick Riordan is the amazing author of the Percy Jackson Books. All are amazing and I am ready to dive into another Riordan book!




FIREFIGHT By: Brandon Sanderson.

This is the sequel novel to Steelheart, book one in this fabulous series! The premise of this story is simple, but amazing. Basically a star appears in the sky and people start to develop super powers. Most of the people with powers are evil and power-driven. So the people who didn’t develop powers come up with a group called the Reckoners which assassinate the power-driven. Steelheart is a man who has power’s who can’t die. Each epic has one weakness, but Steelheart has shown none. But David (Main Character) has seen Steelheart bleed, and he will see him bleed again.



the eyeFinally the last book for me to suggest if The Eye of Minds by: James Dashner. This book takes place in a world where people can actually go into a digital world and play video games but when a cyber bully, Kaine decides to come along he actually starts killing people in the game, making them never come back to the real world. Michael is a hacker, who get recruited VNS to stop Kaine. While this book at the beginning is slow, the ending is to die for!


Okay those are my top 5 books that you should buy this Christmas season, I hope you guys have a great Christmas weekend, my names Jared, and I’ll be posting another post soon, goodbye!