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Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye 1-4

# of pages: 112Pages of Stunning Artwork!

Author: (So many People helped with this book I am just going to list the writer)Jonathan Hickman

Summary: Crisis over Earth is roaming everywhere. And S.H.E.I.L.D. needs to call in Hawkeye, the boy who never misses, Until now Hawkeye and his band of misfits with the company of The Hulk journey to The South East Asian Republic to stop a crisis that will affect not just superhereo’s but humans too. The world may never be the same again if Hawkeye doesn’t get in the way. And even then Hawkeye may not stand a chance.

Characters:As usual I loved the main character, Hawkeye. I know I shouldn’t get attached to the main one but it seems like recently I’ve been doing just that. This book gave you little glimpses into Hawkeye’s past. And for someone who isn’t a huge comic reader I really enjoyed learning about his origin and connecting it to the movies. I also liked having Hulk to smash stuff because who does it better than the man who’s green. Am I right?

What I liked: I enjoyed learning about Hawkeye’s past for instance he has fewer cones in his eyes making him see black and white vision making him ultimately never miss. I loved the plot line and loved the bonus part in the back where it had the screenplay which made it easier because I am used to big thick no pictured books. I enjoyed the Art work too.  Although I didn’t really understand it It was really awesome.

What I didn’t Like: I WOULD NOT SUGGEST THIS TO SOMEONE WHO WANT’S TO START COMICS! I tried it as my first real Avengers comic and I didn’t understand anything They said. I had to check on my phone from time to time to find out what happened in book 33 or what made this person sad yadadadad. So for now I would suggest going to a physical comic book store and asking them what they’d recommend as a good book for someone who want’s to start comics.



Rating: 2.5/5