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5 Book to Movie Adaptations that were GREAT!

Anyone remember when Percy Jackson came out? How everyone was SUPER excited to see the movie, and then they saw it?

Yeah, I hated it too. Let’s be honest, we all did. (Except for my Dad, but he hasn’t even read the book, so that doesn’t count)  (;

Instead of talking about all of the book to movie adaptations that have failed. (Trust me, their’s a lot of them), we’ll be talking about MY favorite book to movie adaptations that were GREAT!

Let’s begin.


Harry Potter

The wands,  the magic, the characters, the world-building, HARRY POTTER HAS EVERYTHING! Each movie rings SOOO true to the book and David Yates did an EXCELLENT job with these movies. If you’re a Harry Potter fan and haven’t seen the movies, What’s stopping you? You HAVE to read them? They are SUPER accurate, and I LOVE THEM!

A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix Show

Have you heard the news? The HUGELY POPULAR A Series Of Unfortunate Events by: Lemony Snicket has been adapted, again! This time It was actually DONE RIGHT! It’s filled with mystery, confusion, and a LOT MORE DIVERSE THAN THE LAST CAST! It really rings true to Lemony Snicket’s books, and It payed off!

The first season is NOW available on Netflix, and I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU WATCH IT!


The Giver

Based on the popular book by Lois Lowry, some could argue that this book started the genre of Dystopian. It’s basically about a world that can’t see color, can’t feel emotions, and assigns each of it’s people a job based on their hobbies for the rest of their life. Oh, and did I forget to mention that they’ve  also lost all their memories? This movie is SUPER GOOD! And, it’s even PG, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you go check it out!


The City of Ember

Also, another Dystopian. The City of Ember movie was GREAT! It wasn’t my FAVORITE book or movie of all time, but it sure wasn’t BAD! The characters in the movie and book are SUPER likeable, the plot is interesting, the music is enchanting. All things considered, this movie made for a GREAT Book to Movie Adaptation.


The Hunger Games

Probably my FAVORITE on this list, The Hunger Games is SUPER enchanting! It’s full of action, character growth, world-building, mystery, I LOVED IT! While I feel like the first and the second movies in this trilogy were the best, their is NO forgetting the girl on fire!


Honorable Mentions:

  • Divergent
  • The Maze Runner
  • Ender’s Game
  • To Kill A Mockingbird



That’s it! Those are my Top 5 Favorite Book to Movie Adaptations, Let me know below in the comments if I’ve missed any of you’re favorites. Thank’s for reading! My names Jared, and I’ll have another post up soon!


MINI REVIEW-A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix Show


Warning: Their may or may not be a ton of “!”

Wow! I LOVED this show so much! I’m so glad I watched this! TO START OF, GOOD JOB NETFLIX!

One of the things I loved most about this TV series was that it was so much alike to the books. It was a REALLY GOOD adaptation! Neil Patrick Harris, was AWESOME as Count Olaf! There were SO many little details from the books that please me so much. From the little intro’s at the beginning, to actually seeing the Baudelaire mansion, It was GREAT!

It appealed to all ages, and it was still excellent!  I didn’t have to worry about swear words are it being to scary, My six-year old brother even got the story, and he loved it. There was NO swearing at all, and it constantly fought me for my attention!

One of the key things that this book communicated was that life, usually isn’t like a fairy tale. Sometimes, there is no happy ending and against all odds you still have to fight back. The movie really ringed true to this and it worked perfectly!

There was a hint of darkness and grim , laced with enough whity sarcasm  and jokes to make this show NOT SCARY! When things started to feel boring BAM something totally unexpected happens making you thirst for more.



A. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. It was as good as the books though! I was SOO surprised, I had already prepared myself for the worst! But, it was a neat surprise! This show really rang true to the books and I would HIGHLY recommend for you to check it out!

Star Review: