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Author Interview-Jacob Gowans

Hey guys I got to interview the author Jacob Gowans author of the Psion books and the A Tale of Light and Shadow series. He graciously accepted my request to be interviewed so you guys should totally check him out in the future if your looking for a good book!

jared cool

So withought further ado, here we go!

What made you want to be a writer?

— I took a Storytelling class in college and enjoyed the writing of the stories as much as I enjoyed telling them.

Q.who would you compare yourself to in the world of Atolas?

–Ruther, an obnoxious person often swayed by his vices, but loyal to my friends and loved ones.


Q. Describe your book in one sentence

–A story of love and adventure that shows the depths of misery people will endure to help their friends and loved ones.

Q. Favorite movie?

–Ooh, tough one. Warrior or Dead Poets Society. Probably Warrior.

Q. What was your time frame for writing a tale

–I wrote Tale one in about 6 months. Give or take a few.

Q. What is your all time favorite YA author?

–JK Rowling

Q. What projects are you working on writing?

–Currently working on Super Six, a mashup of X-Men and Avatar the Last Airbender.

Q. What do you think one of your secrets to success is?

–I write stories that I would want to read, and I think that translates into what many other


Thanks for the interview Jacob. As Always I’ll leave his author page down below so you can check him out!
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