Book-Movie Review: The Maze Runner Trilogy.

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So over the weekend, I decided to attend a screening of The Death Cure, the 3rd and final installment in the Maze Runner Book to movie adaptations. Going into the movie, I had low expectations, given that I wasn’t a HUGE Fan of how they handled the material in the second film. I was more going to the movies to finish what I started and stick it out to the cold bitter end but found it surprisingly entertaining and fun to watch.


While  I did have some obvious problems with it, this was an obvious step up from the trash movie called The Scorch Trials.

Because of the mess-up in the last movie, this movie had to do some cleaning up from the last movie but also succeeded in doing the BEST they could with what they had left.

  • The plot was a bit spotty but was made up for with character interactions and action sequences. 
  • The acting was SUPERB! I never once thought of these character’s as flat or boring. (With Maybe the exception of Teresa)

Given that this movie had a two-year gap between films because of the stunt accident star Dylan O’Brien was in, I felt that they did a decent job re-introducing the characters, as well as building off the success of the last two films.



The Series as a Whole

Overall, it entertained me, ended the series, and hit all of the MAJOR plot points in the series that I wanted to see. If I was to rate all of the movies from greatest to worst, it would go a little something like this.

Going from left to right, my FAVORITE out of the whole Maze Runner trilogy HAS to be the first one. While it wasn’t as action heavy as the two sequels, it was MOST like the book and had a more mysterious vibe that I felt the sequels were lacking.

Reaction to The Maze Runner:


Secondly, THE DEATH CURE became my number 2 pick out of the whole 3 movie franchise. Given that the production budget was MUCH LOWER than the first two, I felt that the director did a REALLY GOOD JOB with what he had to work with. The cool part about the whole thing as that you don’t even notice that the production budget is down. Everything seems realistic, and the last 45-minute battle scene is GLORIOUS.


Third, The Scorch Trials was HORRIBLE. Fell away from the plot, drove the story in a CRAZY DIRECTION. #Not-a-fan.

Reaction to The Scorch Trials



Ultimately, I would recommend you see The Death Cure if you’ve had second thoughts about finishing the Maze Runner movie trilogy. If I were to do it again, I would go on a more slow week when you don’t have anything you are in dire need of seeing. It would be good as a redbox rental in case you don’t make it to the movies anytime soon.


Overall Reaction:

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Rating for the series overall:


Thank’s for reading! I hope you enjoyed my review of the Maze Runner Trilogy? Are you sad, or are you happy that the series is over? Make sure to let me know down in the comments below! Until next time, BYE!