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Recently I finished reading The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. This was a gift for me from Christmas from my parents (Thanks, Mom and Dad) that I started at the beginning of the month. For those who don’t know, one of my LIFETIME goals is to read this series! So far there has only been 3 books released, but the catch is that each book in the series is about 1000 pages.

For those who don’t know, I ADORE Brandon Sanderson’s writing! The action, the worldbuilding, the characters, the setting, the plot! EVERYTHING about his writing style just sucks me into his world’s and constantly leaves me invested in the character’s he has created.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get into the review!

 Roshar is a world of stone and storms. Uncanny tempests of incredible power sweep across the rocky terrain so frequently that they have shaped ecology and civilization alike. Animals hide in shells, trees pull in branches, and grass retracts into the soilless ground. Cities are built only where the topography offers shelter.

It has been centuries since the fall of the ten consecrated orders known as the Knights Radiant, but their Shardblades and Shardplate remain: mystical swords and suits of armor that transform ordinary men into near-invincible warriors. Men trade kingdoms for Shardblades. Wars were fought for them, and won by them.

One such war rages on a ruined landscape called the Shattered Plains. There, Kaladin, who traded his medical apprenticeship for a spear to protect his little brother, has been reduced to slavery. In a war that makes no sense, where ten armies fight separately against a single foe, he struggles to save his men and to fathom the leaders who consider them expendable.

Brightlord Dalinar Kholin commands one of those other armies. Like his brother, the late king, he is fascinated by an ancient text called The Way of Kings. Troubled by over-powering visions of ancient times and the Knights Radiant, he has begun to doubt his own sanity.

Across the ocean, an untried young woman named Shallan seeks to train under an eminent scholar and notorious heretic, Dalinar's niece, Jasnah. Though she genuinely loves learning, Shallan's motives are less than pure. As she plans a daring theft, her research for Jasnah hints at secrets of the Knights Radiant and the true cause of the war.


Where do I even begin? I enjoyed this book so much that my mind isn’t even working right.

One of my favorite things in a Brandon Sanderson novel is easily the worldbuilding. I highly enjoy learning little details behind things that I wouldn’t have known earlier, but only if they have a purpose and contribute to the story. This book is an amazing example of worldbuilding with a purpose behind it. Things aren’t just there to be there, everything has a purpose.

In this book, we learn about religion, social customs, the money system, trade, and a ton more. Because it takes the time to set up layers and layers of detail, it get’s you as a reader, lost in the world.  The only other series that has accomplished this for me has been the Harry Potter series, and it has been very refreshing to get back into reading with something with a massive amount of worldbuilding.

Another thing I highly enjoyed about this novel was the characters. In this novel, we follow 3 characters, a prince, a scholar, and a war hero, and watch as their different lifestyles start to mix together. We get to see their fears, and what their purpose is behind the things they do.  This was really interesting to me because the character’s pasts were so different, I had a hard time understanding how these characters would relate to each other. But, it ended up coming together perfectly which proves I don’t know anything about Fantasy.


My favorite part out of the whole book has to be the magic systems and fight scenes. Who doesn’t like a good fight scene? The fight scenes in this book gave me low-key inception vibes, but as a book overall, It is something entirely and completely different.

What book wouldn’t entertain you if it had 6-foot swords that can cut through your SOUL? Or, Bracelets that can change objects at a subatomic level? Or even, Harnessing power from gems to give you strength to fight a ton of people?  Who wouldn’t want to read a book about that?

While this is a 1000 page book that intimidates tons of people, it has ended up becoming one of my favorite books of all time.



Thank’s for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure to comment below to let me know if what you guys think about this one! Until next time, Read on!


6 thoughts on “Review- The Way of Kings

  1. I’ve been wanting to read a Sanderson book in such a long time! I’m afraid the size does scare me a bit 🙊 I also need to figure out which one to read first! Loved this review, and I for sure need to pick this up! 😊

  2. OOH! I would read Mistborn: The Final Empire first. I don’t think it’s too long, maybe 400ish pages? (Can confirm it’s not 1000 pages though) It’s definitely the perfect read for someone trying to get into Sanderson. Thank’s for visiting my blog!

  3. So far i only read the Reckoners series from Sanderson but i keep seeing these awesome reviews popping up about his other books. I think it’s time for me to invest in his stuff a bit more 😁

  4. DO IT. INVEST! Glad you read the Steelheart trilogy! Personally, I recommend that you read the Mistborn trilogy next! The action scenes are splendid, and the magic system is beautiful! Thank’s for commenting!

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