Books I have added to my TBR recently (2018 Releases pt. 2)

Hey guys,

I have to admit that coming back into the blogging world has been tough, but it’s also been more rewarding than ever. As soon as I started back into it, I had a REVELATION! (Not an actual, unfortunately) I MISSED BEING A BOOK BLOGGER. I MISSED WORK! (Crazy, I know) Even though it’s been hard and tiring It’s been well worth the trip.

So,  I’m back. Because of me getting back into the swing of things, I have been SUPER behind on reading and upcoming releases, so I’ve been working extra hard to find books that interest me this year, Enjoy!



Release Date: January 6, 2018

Can we just take a moment to look at how BEAUTIFUL this cover is? *Takes a moment of silence* Listen, I know we’re not supposed to be judging book’s by there covers, but in all actuality we do. Like it or not, usually is we see something that looks good, we try it.  This book follows the discovery of a new alien race and the message of its extinct population. People get interested, and conflict happens. From reading early reviews on Goodreads I have seen GREAT things and have high expectations and are practically RUNNING to get my hands on it!



Tigers Dream

Release Date: March 2018

For those who don’t know, The Tigers Curse has been a series I’ve been following. All of the books are pretty good, and I would recommend them. They aren’t books that I’d die for, but if you’re looking for a pretty decent read, I would consider giving this series a read. If I were to pitch the series, in short,  it would probably go something like this.

This story follows a girl that ends up meeting brothers that are cursed with the ability to turn into tigers. They don’t know how or why, all they know is that they haven’t died, and stayed the same age for forever. Together the three of them attempt to unravel the mystery and secrets of the Tigers Curse.

This is the final book in the series, and I am thrilled to get my hands on a copy of it!



Ink, Iron, and Glass

Release Date: February 18, 2018

All I’ve heard about this book is that the main character’s name is Elsa. (Not from Frozen)    I know, as soon as you hear the name you start to gag. The only thing I have to say to you is to let it go.

Sorry for the pun, I had to. In Elsa’s world, WORLDS CAN ACTUALLY BE WRITTEN INTO EXISTENCE! In the blurb, it says her Mother is busy creating another world when she is attacked and kidnapped! Now, Elsa has to go into the real world and use her worldbuilding/ worldcreating skills to locate and hunt down her mother’s kidnappers and get her back.


That’s it! Short and sweet! As I find more and more books I’m interested in I’ll make sure to post! Thank’s for reading! Until next time, read on!



4 thoughts on “Books I have added to my TBR recently (2018 Releases pt. 2)

  1. Ah haha I can’t even look at the name Elsa anymore without thinking of Frozen so you’re not alone.😂It’s a very doomed name now. But I AM super excited for Ink Iron Glass too (!!) and also Unearthed is super fun and fab so I hope you like it when you get a chance to read it. ;D

  2. SAME! I have a feeling it will become a name not used very much. Much like Mulan. Who know’s a girl with the name of Mulan? Or Tiana? I don’t. I kinda think that they’ve been vetoed because of the popularity of the films. YAY! Super glad to hear that you liked Unearthed. Hoping to get to that sometime soon. Thank’s for commenting!

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