Christmas 2017 Book Haul

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Currently, it is Christmas afternoon approximately 2 hours before I have to go and hang out with my family for a Christmas dinner, so I figured why not get my blog post done a bit early so I don’t have to worry about it a bit later. So here I am, quietly typing away while watching my younger siblings yell at each other over the Nintendo switch. Yep, that’s my life whenever we get a “family” gift. Enough about me though, today I decided I’d showcase off all of the books I got from my family as well as my close friends and neighbors.


The Stormlight Archives

This was one I wasn’t expecting at all, to say the least. Because I have amazing parents that listen to me ramble on about how I don’t have enough money for books anymore, they decided to “Invest” per say and buy me the first 3 books in The Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson. For those of you who don’t know, I happen to ADORE Brandon’s writing and when I found out that he had written more after his book Mistborn, I became obsessed with his stories. Unfortunately, that obsession ceased to exist after I found out that the first three books out are each at least 1000 pages.

1000 pages= 35 BUCKS A PIECE!

35+35+35= A LOT!

(I can math really well)

When you’re an unemployed 15-year-old teen, the only money you earn is from your birthday, or from your neighbors, this is kinda a considerable amount of money.


As of right now, I’m currently on page 68 of The Way of Kings, book one in the Stormlight Archive, and are thoroughly enjoying it. The fight scenes are already amazing, and I can tell this book will be one I’ll most certainly never forget


Wonder Woman: Warbringer

Easily at the top of my most anticipated releases of 2017, Wonder Woman: Warbringer is finally in my hands. This book is one of those that I had on my Goodreads list for a long time but ended up being forgotten in my quest to re-read all of the Harry Potter books this last month.

So, when my mom saw this at the store, she knew I wanted this really bad and managed to snag it for me as a present for Christmas. To be honest, Now that I have it in my hands, I’m more than ready to dive back into the amazing world of the Amazons

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Prince of Chaos

This one came also came as a total surprise this year.  Every year, I feel like I don’t get as many books as the last mainly because my family is sorta sick of buying me a book that I’ve already read. The past couple years they’ve gotten amazingly good and given me books that I’ve never heard of, but I end up loving them after I finish. This year was no exception. My Grandpa has been VERY good at giving me books I’ve never heard of, that end up surpassing my expectations greatly!


That’s It! Short and sweet, I know it’s not a lot, but I’m only just beginning. Right now, I’m currently trying to find a way how to buy all of my most anticipated reads of 2018! Thank’s for everything, Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make sure to let me know if you’ve read any of these books, and if not, let me know what you got this year for Christmas in the comments below!

Until next time, READ ON!

9 thoughts on “Christmas 2017 Book Haul

  1. This is an AMAZING haul. I’m super behind on my Brandon Sanderson book, honestly. I read MISTBORN a few years ago, enjoyed it, but for some reason I never picked up the rest of the series, or any of the other books that Sanderson has written. But I do intend to! I adore fantasy, and I love his writing, I just need to find the time to actually sit down and read it. (so many books…so little time.)

  2. Ahh such an awesome collection of books you got and CONGRATS for getting the Stormlight ones you really wanted!!! (I totally relate to the pain of how books are expensive eep. Worth it but still expensive!) And Wonder Woman is FAB. I hope you love it!

  3. THANKS! I DIED in happiness when I got them! Also, Wonder Woman is LIFE! The movie was PERFECT, and I’m so excited to continue Diana’s story in book form! Books are so expensive, but after I buy them I completely FORGET how much they cost and enjoy them 24/7! Thank’s for commenting!

  4. AGREED! I LOVE Brandon Sanderson so much, but even I haven’t read all of them. I feel like I’ve read a good majority of his work though. (Maybe 1/2?) He has a ton of novellas and short stories I lose track. I also suffer from the problem of not having enough time to read. Something is ALWAYS in the way! My goal for next year is to read something EACH day. Hopefully, this will get me to read more, (Probably not) but I’m hoping. *Pleads*

  5. Wow! You got some great books! I’m way behind on reading Sanderson, thoough. He writes too fast for me! Wonder Woman: Warbringer is also pretty good, though I was bored by the fight scenes.

  6. DARN! I was looking forward to the fight scenes for Wonder Woman… 🙁 Sanderson is amazing! His consistensy in writing is amazing, but since he writes so many books, I always feel like I can never take a break. ( I guess it’s good to feel that way?) Thank’s for commenting!

  7. Fight scenes bore me in general, so it’s not really a condemnation of the book, just a personal observation! I always tune out during superhero films when the fighting starts.

    Yes, Sanderson is a writing machine! I don’t understand how he does it!

  8. Really? How interesting. For me, If a fight scene has meaning and/or a purpose behind the fighting than I’m all for it, but if it’s just fighting to fight and there are no stakes, I usually end up also tuning out. I totally agree about the Brandon Sanderson thing. I swear he’s a writing wizard or something.

  9. All I usually think is, “Hm, stuff is exploding. More stuff is exploding. I hope this ends soon. It looks like an awful lot of property damage. Wonder how they’ll pay for it. Yawn.” 😀

    The weird thing is, Sanderson’s stuff is good! Usually when someone churns out multiple books a year, I don’t expect quality content!

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