How to grow your TBR (The Right way)


TBR- T.o B.e R.ead; More commonly known as the To be read pile.

Hey guys,
So yesterday I went to my local library! *Flails around* I went in, was only intending to check out one or two books, and then…. I checked out 8 FREAKING books, It was an outrage. My Dad laughed, my brothers complained, and we drove to target. (And yes, I did also buy another book their as well).
Yeah, I already know I have a problem.
After re-stocking my bookshelf, I realized I hadn’t written my post for the day. So here I am, lecturing you about getting in debt through books, these are some of my MOST HELPFUL tips and tricks to get into debt through books, let’s begin.

1.Follow Other Blogs
Congrats! Your already growing your TBR by reading this, my book blog. *Throws a handful of confetti over your head*
If you’re looking for other HONEST bloggers, I’m your guy.

Blogger Recommendations:

Cait @ paperfury
Mikaela @ the well-thumbed reader
Wendy Darling (Goodreads reviewer)

2. Join Goodreads
Another simple, but successful thing I do to increase your TBR pile is to track your reading progress and follow authors on Goodreads.
By doing this you see all of the book Authors are currently reading, you also  get a taste for what the book community is like. (WIN WIN)

If you’re looking for authors to follow, Here’s a list of my favorites. (Note, most authors post infrequently because, well… their authors).

List of Authors:

Rick Riordan
Brandon Mull
Veronica Roth
Suzanne Collins
Cinda Williams Chima
Patrick Ness
Etc, etc, etc.

3. Use the Library to your Advantage

One of the things Library’s have that major bookstores don’t usually have, are people. TONS of people. People have thoughts, people have feelings, ASK SOMEONE for a recommendation. Ask the librarian, ask your mom, ask the random kid sitting it the corner, ASK EVERYONE FOR RECOMMENDATIONS. Plus, if you regularly attend, The Librarian will be more likely to help you, As well as put things on hold without you even having to ask him/her.


That’s it! Those are some of my tips and tricks for increasing your TBR. As Always, make sure to comment below to let me know if I’ve missed any of your favorite ways! Thank’s for reading! I’ll have another post up soon! BYE!!

11 thoughts on “How to grow your TBR (The Right way)

  1. Thanks! I too wasn’t that much of a fan before this year. What changed was the fact that I was spending a TON of money. But, after attending the library for a bit, I’m finding I prefer it MUCH more than I originally thought. Thank’s for commenting!

  2. I TOTALLY WILL! Thank’s for the post idea! My TBR has also gone out of control and I don’t know what to do, As soon as I find out I’ll let you know! Thank’s for commenting!

  3. SAME! As soon as I went on Goodreads, I went a little crazy. It is a SUPER helpful website that is SUPER necessary for any book lover! Thank’s for commenting! You too! Have a Fantastic Friday.
    *Smiles after realizing the alliteration in his sentence*

  4. OMG, thank you so much for recommending me as a blog to follow! 😍 You’re too kind; I totally look up to Cait and Wendy Darling, so it’s a huge honor to be up there with them! ❤

  5. TOTALLY! You deserve it! I LOVE IT Whenever you post something. It always brightens my day, and makes me motivated to blog! Thank’s for commenting! Have an AMAZING DAY!

  6. Aw, thank you so much; I’m so glad I inspire you and it makes your day! You’re making my day right now! 😄 Thank you; I hope you have a fantastic day as well!

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