Tips for Making more room on your Bookshelf


Hey Guys,

So a while back I wrote a post talking about some ways to Organize your bookshelf. THIS IS DIFFERENT! Today I’ll be giving a few tips about having more space for books on your bookshelf! Let’s begin!!

1.Best in the front, Worst in the back.

I know, I know, It’s a crazy thought. But desperate times require desperate measures.

If you do this, HOPEFULLY you’ll pick a shorter book to set behind your other book children. By doing this you can provide more space with having your books and NEVER have to see the books that have disappointed you and your loved ones..


2.Stack your books sideways

Another thing I like to do is if I have a TON of books from one particular author, I like to set them all sideways. The reason for this is because their is more space from the bottom to the top of a bookshelf, then from side to side. This way I can have ALL of my books from a particular series in the same place.

(For those wondering, yes that is almost ALL filled with Brandon Mull).


3. The Dreaded Sprint Cleaning

For those who don’t know, It’s ALMOST SPRING! And what does that mean?


If you REALLY want to clear space on your bookshelf, just take away all of the books you didn’t like. What’s the point of keeping them? Donate them to a library. Or, for all those greedy people out there, go to a thrift store and sell it to them for store credit! Then, with that money you could get ANOTHER book to read!

See what I mean?

That’s it! Those are my tips for how to make more space for your bookshelf. Let me know in the comments below If I’ve missed any! Thanks for reading, I’ll have another post up soon. BYE!



4 thoughts on “Tips for Making more room on your Bookshelf

  1. I’ve never actually succumbed to hiding books behind others, though I’m about to be pretty close to needing to! My parents actually DOUBLE STACK almost all of their books because we had SO not enough space. As in each shelf had TWO ENTIRE ROWS of books, and then some still stacked sideways on top. (Guess where I learned to love reading from, lol)

    I have recently started stacking my series / authors sideways and I quite like it! It makes my favorite authors/series stand out that much more, though my husband thinks it’s weird.

  2. Whatever works. After I get to the point when I can’t fit ANYTHING on my bookshelf, all I do is just grab a row of books and stack them under my bad. I know I should take my advice and just sell them. But I can’t! It’s like SELLING A CHILD! Thank’s for commenting! Have a lovely day!

  3. I was in this position a year ago, I had my books double stacked and sideways and packed in as tight as sardines, then I got a new bookshelf and I have so much space. It’s kind of sad because I enjoyed the challenge of fitting the books into the space.

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