My Top 5 Favorite Authors

Anyone else get enthralled when they find a favorite author? It’s like finding a good pair pants, once you find them you never want to take them off. EVER!!

I know I do though..

In honor of getting soooooo many comments asking to see this post, HERE IT IS! Make sure to pull up your good-reads,  stir your cup of cocoa, and settle in you nicest chair to here MY favorite authors of all time!

Let’s begin.. (These are not in any particular order, in case you were wondering). (;

1.Marissa Meyer

Easily one of my FAV authors of all time, Marissa makes the list! She wrote the Lunar Chronicles, I.E. Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter! Their basically fairy tale re-tellings, but Sci-Fi! Doesn’t that sound interesting? It does to me. If you haven’t read any of her books, READ THEM!! THEY ARE THE BOMB DOT COM!!



2. Brandon Sanderson

EASILY one of my Fav Fantasy authors of all time, Brandon’s series continue to captivate and hold my imagination. Just when I think we’ve seen everything the guy’s got to offer, and that there’s no possible way for him to get another idea, he does! One of the things that make’s his series so good are that he has this way of developing this original idea, into a captivating novel that constantly keeps your attention.

Books He’s Written:



3. JK Rowling

Anyone heard of Harry Potter? Anyone? only the most popular Fantasy novels on the planet! Yep, it’s the one book that has the orphan boy. One of the reasons that I LOVED Harry Potter is the world-building, I’ve never seen or read better, and I kinda think that I’ll never see better. If you’ve purposely avoided this series because you’ve read the movies. STOP! Read them! THEY ARE SOO GOOD!

Books She’s written:


4. Rick Riordan

Anyone a fan of mythology? Fantasy? Fighting? Well if you said yes to any of those, you should read his work! Rick Riordan is the author of the Percy Jackson series! Oh, what? You saw the movies? You liked them?

*Throws a book in your face*

The  books are SOOOO much better than the stinking movies!

Books he’s written:


5. Jennifer A. Neilson

Anyone familiar with the False Prince series? It’s to DIE FOR? The characters are MG and the plot twists are ON POINT! I remember reading this early last year and LOVING this!

Books she’s written:

That’s it! Those are my top 5 favorite authors! Let me know in the comments what you’re favorite authors are. I’m ALWAYS on the look for new books!