NaNoWriMo Week 1

Hey guys,

Sorry about the wait, I was writing a novel. (nothing big at all) 🙂 Anyway I mustered up the strength to type out this post to let you know all about how week one of NaNoWriMo has been going for me!

To start off I’d say the short answer is that I’m doing very well. I’ve Written the exact amount of words EVERY SINGLE DAY, and at one point was even ahead by 3K. But, that head start caught up with me bringing back the plauge of author laziness and I became the average mundane writer that I am barely writing the exact number of words in the week. So in case you guys skipped that part let me re-iderate that I have hit the word count every day and are feeling pretty good about this whole writing thing! As of now, 2016, my story is at 14K! The word count goal for today is 15K so that means that after finishing this post, you can bet that you’ll find me writing.

This week I’ve learned so much about me as a writer that I can’t wait to show in some of my writing snippets that I’ll release sometime later this month. One of the highlights of the week was probrably when I had a scare in which my laptop turned off making me freak out in the middle of writing,  if it hadn’t been for google drive I would have lost 2K which would have probably caused me to stop writing this thing, cause who wants to redo something you just did? If you are doing NaNowrimo comment below your  so I can congratulate you! If you want to see all of my progress periodically you can be my buddy by going to the link at the end of this post.

Anyways I am on track for success and are SO excited to see the outcome of this novel! I’ll be posting weekly update posts so stay tuned to see that in the future, until then thanks for reading, and I will see you in another blog post coming to you next week!

See Ya!





*Ever the Stars- starting second draft. Finished at 45K

*The Hunt- 15K

*Elsewhere- Starting second draft and re-plotting

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