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So today I want to talk about the craziness that NaNoWriMo creates. Recently I’ve found myself constantly day dreaming about my idea for my National Novel Writing Month story and the crazy adventure that is about to occur in 7 days. But then, while dreaming I had a thought. I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo for two years now and this will be my third attempt, And as I’ve been writing I’ve figured out what to do, and (unfortunately) learned what not to do. I thought I’d share some with you.

Write Write Write

Nanowrimo is a time to get words paper or screen or whatever you do to write. It is NOT a time to sit around starting to outline. It is not the time to be browsing Instagram daily. It is not the time to sit around editing the work you’ve written the day before (That’s after you write the novel) Trust me I’ve tried every trick in the book and nothing has worked so if you want to get something done the sad and unfortunate way is that THERE IS NOT SHORTCUT!  Instead of complaining just write it!


One way that I get words on the page is to set up a writing playlist. Personally I use Spotify (Which I love!) and browse through all of the Movie scores. (Background music with no words to it) The reason I do this is because it get’s me in the writing zone faster as well as help’s me set the mood and tone for the scene I will be writing that day. If you’re looking for some suggestions I personally love to listen to the X-Men music as well as Star Wars, Star Trek, and countless other music. If you haven’t tried already I would highly recommend you try to write to music with no words the next time you write.


In order to accomplish anything you need to be able to have someone that is excited for you and will always be their to cheer you on. Thankfully, I have a ton of support from Aunts and Uncles all the way to my Brothers and my parents. Now I know some of you readers out there will be like “Well Jared, I don’t have parent’s who support me or my family isn’t crazy supportive. Never fear, If you feel you have no support YOU ARE WRONG! I support all that you do and write and I know that you can do this!


All writers outline whether they realize it or not. An outline can be an idea or can be a crazy 7 paged outline full of wants in a scene as well as sub-plot and other miscellaneous notes.(Me) I highly recommend outlining because it makes me not veer off track or loose my motivation.

Okay, that was a few of my tips and tricks! For more content like this go to for more! Also, Make sure to hit the subscribe button if you like this and want to see more NaNo Posts. Plus I’ve been thinking about doing daily updates through instagram, If you like the idea and want to see it happen comment below to let me know!

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  1. These are definitely great tips!! I love how much support writers can get online, especially around NaNo time. We’re all in this craziness together.😂 And YAY it’s my 3rd year too. Best of luck to you!!

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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