The KEY to getting your first draft finished

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So I haven’t really been doing anything besides writing. But with the new year of school I thought, Why don’t I start posting on writing related things? Also I will now be posting writing tips on occasion! I still will be posting book reviews and other things but also writing tips! Anyway I think that’s it, let’s get on with the post

  1. The real way to get your first draft written

So for a while when I started writing as a newbie I always had a problem finishing that first draft. Finishing the first draft is an essential to getting your book done. Withought it, well you hate to break it to you, You CANNOT finish your book if you haven’t started it. So how do you get that done? Honestly I thought there was some super major top-secret writing secret that could get your book finished quickly, despite my belief I realized that writing takes A LOT! of hard work. Most readers don’t realize how long it takes to finish the first draft, and if they do they’ll never attempt to write one because of the massive amount of time and effort and will just watch Netflix or something.

So what is the so-called “secret” to getting your first draft finished?  Honestly the secret is persistence, and a ton of work. Writing will not go fast, no matter what secret program you use. I’d like to teach you a math equation. (No you do not have to do HW)

Time + Persistency = FIRST DRAFT!

I know what you’re thinking. Ugh Jared what does this mean? Relax. Take a break and pop some popcorn. Let’s do this!


Whenever I meet a newbie writer and ask them when they think they’ll have their first draft finished I always get this response.

“Oh I don’t know I just never find time to write.”

To which In my head I am mentally shaking my head in dismay.

Do Master Pianists find time to practice just whenever? Do boxers find the time to practice fighting whenever? Does the US Army just find time to train their soldiers wherever and whenever? No! Gosh no!

If you are passionate about something you need to FIND time to write in your busy everyday time. For a while when school started I would wake up at 5AM every morning to write for an hour before you start school. Some people think you’re crazy, but I prefer the term passionate! If  mornings aren’t your thing maybe you could write during lunch. Maybe you could write before bed. The possibilities are endless, every writer is different. Try to find when you’re time to write is and make a goal to write EVERY DAY!


Another great attribute that a writer needs to finish writing is persistency. To be persistent means to continue something firmly despite opposition. In order to finish your first draft you have to be persistent. Even if you think the words you are writing on this page are bad. Even if you think that you suck as a writer. I promise, you’re not as half bad as you would think. when I was working on my Space Opera story four-ish months ago I felt like the words sucked. I felt like I should just quit and give up and go back to reading. But then I told myself that I has to do this. Go to the future in a few months and I’ve finished my first draft!

While writing is hard it is totally possible. I know you can do this and I believe in you!

For more posts, stay tuned for tips on writing as well as book reviews and all things literary!





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