My Writing Update

Hey guys,

So I haven’t done a writing update in a little as far as what I’ve been working on. As of now, today (8/23/16) I am at 30K on a new story that I have written. I don’t want to tell you too much about it but I really think this is the story I’ve been looking for. It’s Sci-Fi and in a galaxy filled with Space Pirates and all that stuff. Other than that I can’t really tell you that much right now because I’m not sure what will stay after edits. Anyway I’m approaching The 3rd and final act in my story. And yes, I know this is short, I’m thinking this story is going to end up being a Novelette. But other than that nothing is really permanent. I guess I’ll give you some more info about it. I started it closer to the end of June and this idea would not stop going away. So finally I gave in to it and began to sort of outline a story and thought “What could be the possible storyline?” And well finally after a few days of research I had decided on the story. And now for the next few months I’ve tried writing 1000 words a day. As you can see it’s taken way longer than expected but finally. Finally after two month’s I can say I’m almost done. Reading wise, after finishing all of the Harry Potter’s I started this summer I haven’t read a thing. But let’s not dwell on that and think about how I have failed this month at reading.  Overall I am way excited to share it with you. I’m not sure if it will be posted anywhere, we’ll see how revision goes. And for those asking yes I do not have a name for the story now. The name I’d call it is Space story. Not really the best name “I know.” It was just something that I said when I started. Now that I’m done I have to actually come up with a title.

Anyways that was my very very very short writing update. Thanks for reading! My names Jared, and this is


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