Review-The Exiled Queen by: Cinda Williams Chima

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Just a disclaimer this book is a second book in a series. If you’d like to read my review for book one go here.

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cooltext133089402245467 Haunted by the loss of his mother and sister, Han Alister journeys south to begin his schooling at Mystwerk House in Oden’s Ford. But leaving the Fells doesn’t mean that danger isn’t far behind. Han is hunted every step of the way by the Bayars, a powerful wizarding family set on reclaiming the amulet Han stole from them. And Mystwerk House has dangers of its own. There, Han meets Crow, a mysterious wizard who agrees to tutor Han in the darker parts of sorcery—but the bargain they make is one Han may regret.

Meanwhile, Princess Raisa ana’Marianna runs from a forced marriage in the Fells, accompanied by her friend Amon and his triple of cadets. Now, the safest place for Raisa is Wein House, the military academy at Oden’s Ford. If Raisa can pass as a regular student, Wein House will offer both sanctuary and the education Raisa needs to succeed as the next Gray Wolf queen.

cooltext133089343094800Yes! Finally we get to start the magic! I have found in reading this series I love two things the most about it. The politics, and the magic system. I loved how this was leading straight off after where we ended. I liked how Raisa and Han’s path’s crossed and it wasn’t just a scene. It was like a good chunk of the book. I love how characters inter-acted with each other and you were just yelling at the book to tell them this, or tell them that! This book made me eager to figure out how thing’s would turn out! This book wasn’t amazing but I still enjoyed it.


cooltext133089378843909 Some people say this book is slower than the first one, which I sort of have to agree with. It felt slower or, more stretched. But I still read it as fast as the other book. Some part’s I liked more than others. Some were slow, some were fast. Overall this book was an okay book.

Rating: 3/5 stars
stars 2

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