Cover Wars Wednesday!

Hey guys,

So I started to think and I decided that I wanted to start a new thing on my blog. It’s called Cover Wars Wednesday! It’s been created by Books Is Glee so I decided I wanted to do it too. Basically I compare the U.S. Cover of a book to the U.K. Cover and ask you which one was better.  Well withought further ado let’s start this thing.

The book I wanted to compare covers to today was Mistborn by: Brandon Sanderson.

Behold the covers.


The cover on the left is the American edition, and the cover on the right is the UK edition. I personally like the UK edition better, I’m not a huge fan of the American, but the story is amazing! Anyway here was my short post, which do you like better? American or United Kingdom? Tell me in the comments below.

Anyway thanks for reading this, my names Jared and I’ll have posts up every Wednesday and Saturday, so look for me then.  So until next time! Bye!







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