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So I have to do this whole post again since it didn’t save so… Anyway I was looking at my reviews the other day and found out that I never actually made a thing telling you what a five-star book is in my opinion. So I decided from then on their that we won’t ever be having this problem again. So without further ado let’s do this!

One Star- Ugh, this was the most boring book! I would never recommend this book to anyone, steer clear of this one. The Plot was boring and It was pure torture to go from page to page.


Two Stars- Eh, wasn’t boring, I would probably not suggest this book to anyone, Maybe pick it up, maybe. The plot was eh, characters not relatable.



Three Stars- This book wasn’t amazing but wasn’t bad too. Maybe pick it up, the plot was better but not great, had a ton of cliche’s.

Four Stars- This book was pretty good, I constantly was turning the pages.  It was almost amazing but not there yet. I would probably recommend it.

Five Stars- THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING! A total page turner, I would recommend this book to any and everyone. The plot was amazing, the characters, the story, the setting was all so amazing!

5 stars

Well that was my post! Keep in mind this is not exact I have to be really nit picky in order to give the review, There might be different things that have me judge wether to give a high or low score VIA Characters, plot, setting, presentation. Anyway thanks for reading this post! My names Jared, I publish posts every Wednesday and Saturday. So see you later, and in the mean time. Read on!









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