Review: Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians: The Knights of Crystallia

cooltext133089402245467When Alcatraz and Grandpa Smedry make a pilgrimage to the Free Kingdom city of Crystallia, the Smedry home base, Alcatraz is shocked to see that he is, in fact, a legend. When he was a baby he was stolen by the Evil Librarians, and his mother, a Librarian herself, was behind the whole scheme. Now, with his estranged father, who is acting indeed strange, Bastille, who has been stripped of her armor, and Grandpa Smedry, who is, as always, late to everything (that’s his Talent), Alcatraz tries to save a city under siege. From who? Why, the Librarians of course! (From Goodreads)


cooltext133089303484155 May I just say Brandon Sanderson is just a wizard with characters, making them so fun and interesting at the same time. My favorite character in this book is actually the Main Character, Alcatraz. I love his cunningness as well as reading what “he” wrote in his “books.” There just so fun and the characters are really one of the strong things in this  book that make it so good!


I enjoyed this book a ton. I think that after reading the first two books you sort of get used to all of the weirdness and just enjoy, not nitpicking at every little detail. The weird is becoming the normal and it’s getting amazing. I have to say with each book in the series the stakes are rising, and the books are getting better and better as we go! I love the setting and exploring the world, it’s just so interesting! The endings are always what make me look forward to this book. They always end up with uncertainty and that’s what I love about this. I totally did not see the end of this book coming! I feel like at every sentence I’m doing “!” But it’s so true, this series is so good and you should totally look into it if you have not already! THIS IS NOT LIKE NORMAL BRANDON SANDERSON’S WORK! These are way different and quirky and weird, but that’s what I love about this series!


I don’t have anything to say. This book wasn’t a five stars, but It got pretty high and up there. Overall I’m liking it a ton!

Thank you so Much Tor/Starscape for sending me a review copy, It means the world to me that you do this!

Want it? The book comes out April 19th!



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