February Writing goals Re-Cap!

Hello guys I hope you are having a wonderful day. Today I want to re-cap my goals for February! (I think I failed)

Let’s look back at all of my goals.

My Goals for Feb.

-Well First is going to be a crazy amount of writing for Elsewhere. I am planning to write 10K. This will be my main focus but I will also try to do other things.

-Start thinking of a story for April’s Camp NaNoWriMo. (Because I can 🙂

-Reveal another snippet of my writing. May write a short story or chapter.

-A huge page of links for the writing process with advice and stuff.

-Do a bookshelf reorganization post about ways to do that.

-Review 10 books in Febuary?

-Post something everyday? Or at least maintain a schedule.;

– learn how to incorporate good sub-plots into my writing

Well overall I think I did very well, I wrote 10K to Elsewhere. I outlined my April novel, released the prolouge of Elsewhere. Did not make writing advice and also did not do a bookshelf reorganization. Also I did not review 10 books or maintain a schedule, but hey I learned how to incorporate Sub-plots! (:

So all in all here are the results.

Did  / Did not

4        4

All in all I got a 50% which is okay. But hey I’m gonna give myself two extra bonus points for writing 10K with the busiest schedule I’ve ever had!

Did/Did Not

6      4

Well that was sort of cheating but oh well, I can!

Thank you for reading, my names Jared, and stay tuned for my next post, so until then goodbye!




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