CLOSED-Author Interview: Mandi Lynn + Giveaway!

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I  hope you all have had a wonderful new year so far! So to jazz up this new year I interviewed Mandi Lynn, a teenage author and she graciously said she would provide an E-book giveaway with one of her books. But first here’s a little bit about Mandi,


mandi lynn

Mandi Lynn started writing her first novel at thirteen, and at the young age of seventeen,Essence, hit the press. Since publishing her debut novel, Lynn has taught writing workshops, appeared on television, newspapers, and most importantly, graduated high school. While attending college, Lynn works part time at a salon as a stylist and continues to write future novels. Lynn can be found online creating YouTube videos about books, publishing, and all things reading.




Q. What made you want to be a writer?
I used to hate reading when I was younger because every month my school required us to take a quiz on a book we read. It wasn’t until I discovered the YA genre that I fell in love with reading and wanted to create my own stories.

Q.When did you finish your first draft/ how long was it?
My first draft for Essence was finished a year after I had started writing it but it was only about 40,000 words, which is about 160 pages. Obviously the book is now 330 pages so it’s been through a lot of rewriting.

Q. Describe your book(s) in one sentence.
Essence: A young girl is taken away from her family, left to watch over her family as they mourn over her supposed death.
I am Mercy: The Black Plague has arrived in France and the only way for Luna to survive is to delve into black magic, whether she knows what it is or not.

Q. Favorite movie?
Well Hunger Games of course!

Q. Any funny/cool things happen since you became a Teen Author?
I was in the elevator at college to get to my dorm room and the girl in the elevator recognized me, not by seeing me on campus, but by the sound of my voice from one of YouTube videos.

Q. What was your time frame for writing Essence?
I have a tendency to write a lot for a month or so, but my novels down for another few months, than write them again for another few months. I hate my process because I wish I could just write it all at once, but it seems I work best in bursts.

Q. What is your all time favorite YA author?

Laurie Halse Anderson. Every time I read something by her I just wish I could write like her!

Q. What projects are you working on writing?
I have started writing a third book, though the process has been going extremely slow because of how busy I am at the time. I do hope to finish and publish it if it’s good enough!

Q. What do you think one of your secrets to success is?
Persistence. Success is a slow process; the only way to get there is to always keep trying.

Q. What are some things you have liked being a Teen Author?
The emails I get from my readers. They make my day and remind me why I write and publish.

Q. Any Writing advice?
Write like no one will ever read your words.



Well Thanks Mandi for the interview and for everything. Your an amazing author and deserved to be recognized.


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May the Odd’s Ever Be in your Favor!


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  1. I’ve been following Mandi since just shortly after she released Essence; it’s great to see how far her YouTube channel and writing has come 🙂

  2. I love Novels & big family sagas, mysteries, biographies – a little of everything. It is like asking who is my favourite child!

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