My Christmas Holiday 2015 Guide for Books

2015 holiday

Hey Guys! Ever had an avid book reader in the family? Ever wondered what book to buy them because there are so many that they’ve read and you think they’ve read just about every book out there? Well I’m here to tell you they haven’t read everything. In this post I will be listing just a few of new novels that any middle grade and teen reader would love!

The First book on my Holiday Gift Guide is…



Mysteries of Cove: Fires of Invention By: J Scott Savage!

I received an early copy of this books via Shadow Mountain Publishing and loved it from the bat. I did a whole review on it a while back ago so if you want to read that I will leave a link at the bottom of this page for you to read all about this amazing book!

Review: Click Here!



paper things

Paper Things by: Jennifer Richard Jacobson

This is a Non-Fiction  book and it is amazing. I also did a review about this book a while back ago and it too was also very amazing! In this book we follow the story of Ari. Here parents both died and she is left with her step-mother and her brother. When her brother turns 16 he is leaving the stepmother’s home. He remembers his mother said she wanted him to always stay with Ari. Gage (The brother) get’s in a fight with Jana(Stepmother) and leaves with Ari. Now they have no house, no food, and are homeless. Follow Ari through hardships, friendships, and fun!

Review:Click Here!



Magnus Chase and the God’s of Asgard

While I have not read this book yet. When I saw this I was like…


And when I found out Magnus was Annabeth’s brother I was like this also!

Anyway I love all Rick Riordan books and hopefully I will get to read this amazing book. If you do not know Rick Riordan is the amazing author of the Percy Jackson Books. All are amazing and I am ready to dive into another Riordan book!




FIREFIGHT By: Brandon Sanderson.

This is the sequel novel to Steelheart, book one in this fabulous series! The premise of this story is simple, but amazing. Basically a star appears in the sky and people start to develop super powers. Most of the people with powers are evil and power-driven. So the people who didn’t develop powers come up with a group called the Reckoners which assassinate the power-driven. Steelheart is a man who has power’s who can’t die. Each epic has one weakness, but Steelheart has shown none. But David (Main Character) has seen Steelheart bleed, and he will see him bleed again.



the eyeFinally the last book for me to suggest if The Eye of Minds by: James Dashner. This book takes place in a world where people can actually go into a digital world and play video games but when a cyber bully, Kaine decides to come along he actually starts killing people in the game, making them never come back to the real world. Michael is a hacker, who get recruited VNS to stop Kaine. While this book at the beginning is slow, the ending is to die for!


Okay those are my top 5 books that you should buy this Christmas season, I hope you guys have a great Christmas weekend, my names Jared, and I’ll be posting another post soon, goodbye!

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