Book News 12/17/15

Hey Everybody!

Today I decided to start a new segment on my blog called Book News. Basically I update you on the newest Book news including book to movie adaptations, new release, and more!

Okay well to start of first the Official Allegiant poster came today. I really like how there making Tris more totally boss, and are pointing her out with her not grabbing the rope or are on the ledge!


Doesn’t it look cool?








Next Rick Riordan released his cover for the upcoming series The Trials of Apollo. And it’s another series starter… Wow how many freaking books is this guy starting now! I love each and every one of his books and have read most – Magnus Chase, his newest relased book.










Finally the last piece of Book News that has been released is The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them Trailer. If you do not know already Is that J.K. Rowling released a book way back when a little 20 paged book on creatures. She has written the script for the movie and it is supposed to be what goes on in America. It’s scheduled for a trilogy and it looks great.


Anyway thanks for everything, read on, and have a great Christmas break!


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