NaNoWriMo 2015 UPDATE!

Hey Guys! It is now the end Nanowrimo, in short (National Novel Writing Month), and I’d like to thank you with your patience this month. My Story, finally titled Elsewhere is now at 25K words! and I did not manage to complete Nano, but hey, I got a 25K story written in a month! How crazy is that! I would like to finally giveaway the cover for my Novel that I had done as a sort of gift for myself for doing this! So Here it is!

Elsewhere By: Jared Brown!


In the near future after a boat load of revision, and after I get this beast done with! I will start sharing chapters of my novel to you guys!

But for now I guess you guys will have to do with a little snippet.

This Scene is when one of my main character’s (Eva.) Is battling an Alect (One of the King’s guard’s) and fighting her way out of a city to get to Elsewhere


A Little Snippet..

When I see the Alect, I run.
Pulling two of my knives I toss one in each of my hands, ready to throw.
I run forward to one of the Alect, a girl about my same height and perhaps even my same age. I don’t care that she’s my age nor my same height, all I think is that she works for them and deserves to be stopped.
I throw one of the knives in my belt, aiming for her stomach, as she pulls out her sword and hits it like her sword was a baseball bat. I pull another knife from my belt, and run forward, ducking as The Alect Girl swings with her sword, barely missing my head. I started to panic, would I make it? Would I win this fight? Would we make it to Elsewhere?
I have to make it away.
I lunge grabbing the Alect girl’s sword by the hilt and pull it out of her hands.
I toss it to the ground and attack, holding my knife stabbing her into her stomach.


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Thank’s for reading this post, I’m Jared and I’ll see you next time.



2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2015 UPDATE!

  1. Hey Jared,
    Because of you… I started onto the Lunar Chronicles and now I’m on the last one, Winter! I have really enjoyed them and I’m so glad that I have read some of your reviews and recommendations!


  2. Good for you for participating, Jared! 25,000 is a super start. Was this your first time?

    I just finished writing another picture book manuscript that I want to send off this weekend. The manuscript I sent off to three pubs at the end of Aug has had one response. It was a “no thank you” but there are still two possibilities for yeses, right? 😀

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