September Book Haul! -2015

Well now is the time to show you all of the books that I have accumulated in the month of September.

Well first I am going to show you all of the books I have gotten for review!



First In the top left corner I have A Tale of Light and Shadow By: Jacob Gowans!and in the top right corner I have A Tale of Light and Shadow: Secrets of Neverack Book Two in A tale of light and shadow series!

In the bottom I have Paper things By:Jennifer Richard Jacobson!







Next here I made a little trip to California and found this awesome thrift book store called bookams in orange county! It is so awesome that I decided to buy all of these books for $20!










In the top left corner and going to the top right we have The Warrior Heir, The Wizard Heir, and the Dragon Heir all By Cinda Williams Chima and starting at the bottom left corner and going to the right we have The Mark Of the DragonFly By: Jaleigh Johnson, Monument 14 By: Emmy Laborne, and The Adept By: Katherine Kurtz  and Deborah Turner Harris.

So that is my book-haul for the month of September so remember to have fun, Subscribe!, AND READ ON!

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  1. I loved the Warrior Heir series by Cinda William Chima. I’ll have to read the other books you have posted. Keep reading! Giveaway The Fire of Inventions by:J. Sott Savage

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