The Warrior Heir By: Cinda Williams Chima

Author: cinda Williams Chima

# of pages: 426

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

Summary: Sixteen-year old Jack Swift lives a quiet life in Trinity, Ohio. And he’s as normal as you can get beside taking his heart medication every day. However when Jack forgets, weird things start to occur. When Garret Lobeck (The Bully) The star of soccer league trys to start a fight with Jack. And Jack sorta didn’t touch him but Garret sorta how do I put this Went flying across the soccer field. then his quiet Aunt Linda starts showing up and wherever she goes, trouble comes with her. Aunt Linda asks Jack if he can help her dig up one of there ancestors graves for genealogy. but what turns from a casual day, they end  up being hunted by a wizard. Soon Jack finds that he is a warrior, and his aunt an enchanter, part of a secret society with different powers that lives with us in hiding. And Wizards on of the groups of people in this society are not allowed to fight each other. Therefore they need warriors to do it for them none other than Jack.

Characters: Well I thoroughly enjoyed this lot of characters. I thought all the characters were really realistic and they all had there flaws. the dialogue was awesome but I think If i had to choose one of the characters it would be Aunt Linda. I just love her enchanter powers. she’s an enchanter so she can enchant people to do things. If I were to choose a power I would totally choose this one! and I did find a few historical references!

What I liked: I really enjoyed Cinda’s magic system this was one that I just really enjoyed! The imagery was just so perfect and I would highly suggest this to be a movie! And the climax oh the climax was just plain glorious!
What I didn’t Like: I wish that this book would mention more about the neighbors on Jefferson street. Blaise, Iris, Mercedes, Nick Snowbeard…. Uh hello what happened to them how did they end up on Jefferson street I wanna know!!!Rating:

Rating: 4/5


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