Dreamwalker By: Rhys Bowen and C.M. Broyles

Author(s): Rhys Bowen and C.M. Broyles

Suggested Age: 10-13

Source: Netgalley

When does it come out? NOW!!!

Summary: Addy’s life is far from the best. Her mom passes away and she’s stuck with her buissniss-like aunt who wont pay any attention to anything she says.  Her Aunt says she can’t handle the commitment of her watching so instead she finds herself dropped of at an asylum turned into a boarding school. Everything is different that it until she meets her roommates, Pippa and Celeste. Pippa, a girl whose father dropped her off at the boarding school and left her, and Celeste who’s mother is a french singer and dropped her off to learn the trade. Addison has had weird dreams in the past But now they’re becoming more vivid almost real and things are getting even stranger when she finds an alternate world where dreaming is  bad and color is illegal!!! Addy must truly learn why she’s received her power to experience what dreaming can really do. She must learn if she is what it means to be a dreamwalker.

Characters: There were a lot of interesting characters in this book. I think the mystery that shrouds this school makes you wonder a lot about all of theses characters. I think one of my favorite characters is Mrs. Neves. She’s  the principal of the Red Dragon Boarding School and she just seems like a very fishy kind of person. I am really eager to learn more about her in the next up-coming book!

What I liked: I really liked this! Although i do have a few things I would have liked I think the authors of this book are plain amazing! Talk about a ton of imagery this books got it all! This book contains hints of a Harry Potter type of book as well as The Unwanteds by: Lisa Mcmann.  This book does involve magic which is always a key thing for me if it’s fantasy it has to involve magic! This book does take a while but it is so worth it! They (The Authors) leave you with a thrilling conclusion to the first book making you just plainly want more!!! If you have a kid that thinks he/she has read every good fantasy book out there. I totally think this is a good option you should consider!

What I didn’t Like: In this book I wish that we would have more play time with her newly dreamy powers. Is it just more or did it feel that it did take a little longer to discover this awesome world. other than that this book should totally be looked at as a possible read for any middle-grade fantasy readers.

Rating: 4/5



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  1. This is kind of random, but I told my friend to subscribe, and she said you you read and write reviews on the Unwanted’s series she would, so you should

  2. Thanks! I’ve actually read the first couple books in the series and fell in LOVE with them. I don’t know why I haven’t talked about them earlier, maybe I’ll re-read them this summer and let you know my thoughts! 🙂 Thank’s for commenting, have an AMAZING DAY!

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