Uglies By: Scott Westerfeld

# of pages: 278

Author: Scott Westerfeld

Summary:In this futeristic world all teens wait till they turn 16 to undergo a massive surgery to be changed from a normal ugly into a pretty. Tally Youngblood has dreamed of being a pretty. But when her friend Shay runs away the Government wont make her a pretty, unless she finds Shay. The one who made her stuck being Ugly.


Characters: I really liked Tally. She didn’t have crazy story development but it was more mild and more focused on the part that she needed to find Shay to be a pretty. I wasn’t really a fan of Shay especially at the end. But I sort of liked her at the beginning. I also want to learn more about her Tally Youngblood’s family and her friend.

What I liked: Well I really liked Scott Westerfeld’s imagery he has me clearly see a picture each time I have read this book.


What I didn’t like: I didn’t like that Tally was constantly “needing”  to find Shay to be a pretty. I mean I get its her life dream but do we really need to mention it on every single stinking pages. Was it just me or did you guys not really love that Tally was constantly mentioning how she hated being ugly. I mean come on girl lets stop dwelling on the past and start focusing on the future. I also didn’t like the first 4 chapters or so. Where’s the hook I mean Scott Westerfeld started it with Tally jumping onto a zipline. It sounds like a good hook from what I’m saying but I didn’t feel like it was a great start to the Ugly books. Is it just the way he described it that I didn’t really feel drawn to this book or is it just me?

Rating 3.5/5

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