An Ember in the Ashes by: Sabba Tahir

# of pages: 453

Author: Sabba Tahir

Summary:  In the Martial Empire, People who do not swear loyalty are to be killed. Laia is a slave, her people are slaves to the soldiers. When one day her brother gets kidnapped and meets the Rebellion. Laia must be a spy in order for the Rebellion to get her brother back. But here’s the catch she has to spy on a school. A school of Martials.

an Ember in the ashes

Characters: This book has two points of view, we have Laia who is the slave, and Elias who is a Martial. Elias doesn’t really want to be a Martial but sort of is shy about saying so.( well frankly because of the part that you get killed…..) But I personally really liked Elias’s point of view much better then Laia’s. I mean come on they were still very enjoyable. But I just was really looking forward to Elias’s scenes because of all of the action and the adventure


What I liked: I really love this book! It has a certain feel at the end that just makes you want more. I really liked It.overall this is a very enjoyable read and I am anxious to read more. I really liked Elias’s sort of view. There was always a hook and action at the end of every chapter. I am dying to learn more about the Commandant (The “Principal” of  the school) and just why she is so evil! I am really personally looking forward to more books in the future!


What I didn’t like: At times the book was slow. It took about 170+ pages in order to sort of get into the feel of Sabba’s writing.  But I totally think you should check out this book!

Rating: 4/5

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